For the 100th anniversary of Knie, Rolf Knie and Reana Hostettler have designed a circus PanoramaKnife. A sympathetic partnership of two family businesses with the same values towards the public.

Rolf Knie, artist and circus entrepreneur, represents the 6th generation of the family-owned company and in 2019 shows in a spectacular Circus Musical the history with ups and downs, of great achievements, heavy setbacks and love stories.

The circus PanoramaKnife is also about highs and lows. The stylish illustrations by Rolf Knie were staged by Reana Hostettler on the blade in such a way as to create a perfect serrated edge with mountains and valleys. As with every PanoramaKnife, this enables a super-sharp cut. Let yourself be carried away every day into the fairytale world of the circus and the musical.

Bread knife

Wooden cutting board, approx. 30 x 20 x 1,5 cm

Wooden cutting board, approx. 40 x 25 x 2,2 cm

Dive a little deeper into the world of the circus:

At you will find fantastic pictures from 100 years of history and after the premiere also the pictures from the musical.

Tickets for the performances from 12.03. to 03.05.2019 in Dübendorf, from 07.06. to 07.07.2019 in Bern and from 05.11. to 22.12.2019 in Basel are available here by telephone: 0900 661 661 (1.15 CHF/min) or on

A nice show – isn’t it?