At the Fuorisalone 2017, Del Tongo once again confirms its proverbial ‘maniacal obsession’ with its ExtraManiacs Manifesto. That corporate philosophy and vision of the future of kitchens to satisfy the needs of an increasingly demanding public, wanting much more than the usual serial production.

We are kitchen maniacs. Or better, extramaniacs. We believe that our ideas cannot be the same for everybody. Each customer is different from the other, and deserves to stand out from an ordinary serial, standardized logic. Our customers deserve creative freedom, with custom-made projects tailored on their needs and desires. They deserve extra-size customer care at no extra cost. Our extramaniac style is not just words, it’s our the way we like to work.

The 2017 Fuorisalone does not include Eurocucina, but Del Tongo is alive with a passion and enthusiasm to increase and stimulate our client focus; always at the centre of each and every project. The aforementioned maniacal attitude of The Kitchen Maniacs slogan became Extramaniacs when the daring choice was made to turn “non-standard” into “standard,” and to do so free of charge. For Del Tongo, the uniqueness of the client, of his or her world and space, is a characteristic worthy of closer inspection and led to it being elevated to the rank of “value.”

Del Tongo presents its own interpretation of Made in Italy

The presentation project was designed by the architect Alfonso Arosio and premiered at Milan-Solferino, the company’s flagship store. It features an interior made of clean, light black markings; distinguishing and creating a link between products presented.

A unique space for presenting the brand new Samària, from the Design Research and Development Centre with Alfonso Arosio, the new Del Tongo kitchen featuring a powerful project where history and nano-technology come together to create a most unusual union.

Lightweight thinness, 14 mm to be exact (bear with us, remember, we’re maniacs – no, we’re Extramaniacs!), of marine multilayers and “allcolour” FenixNTM create a cross section providing proof of material heart and authenticity.

The asymmetric door design, the flowing lines with corners just slightly radiated, 2mm to be exact (did we tell you we were maniacs, actually, extramaniacs?) and the gaps that alternate to generate dynamic perspectives enhancing product uniqueness.

Why Samària? Samària is the name of the spectacular ravines on the Island of Crete, a destination for hiking enthusiasts from all over the world, flocking there to enjoy the breathtaking views. The deeply cut valleys are a perfect mirror image of the idea behind this project, of this kitchen’s gorges, there… even if you can’t see them. Gibilterra and KS will also be presented at the Fuorisalone, both projects graced with an exclusive design in which Del Tongo presents its own interpretation of Made in Italy; its own ability to blend craftsmanship with extreme precision industrial technology (this may sound repetitious, but we never tire of saying it, we are maniacs, better still, Extramaniacs!).

Gibilterra, a design from the Research and Development Centre with Egidio Panzera, a kitchen with very special press-fusion flush aluminium handles matching the door’s innovative curvature ; all providing a brand new look, the perfect technological blending of gap and handle. KS, design by Giulio Cappellini and Alfonso Arosio, a kitchen system combining tip-on opening with that of the handle, here made of solid wood. Clad in the “bourgeois” version, the Blue, Carrara Marble and Walnut finishes mark a new way to creating a lived-in atmosphere free from cultural connotations.