Zanotta at the Salone del Mobile 2017

At the Salone del Mobile 2017 Zanotta introduce a selection of designs that will catch the public attention on different levels: some products that were launched in 2016 or earlier have now reached their maturity, offering the possibility to experiment new proportions and materials, even unusual for Zanotta universe, like the copper and the brass. It’s just the case of Emil by Frank Rettenbacher or the Niobe small tables by Federica Capitani.

Aesthetic as well as artisanal references to other times can be also traced, having marked the Zanotta history: infact the meaning of a night stand is all in its name Taschino (little pocket), made of cowhide, originating from the Calamo desk by Gabriele Rosa; and the bed Hotelroyal by Terri Pecora, featuring quilted headboard and footboard equipped with pressed down buttons, like the one in the bedroom of an old b/w movie.

Until the proposals that aim straight to the concept of their use, resolved with the most refined elegance, like the sofa Flamingo by Damian Williamson and those designs that, letting people play in mixing colours and fabrics, reveal a sophisticated technical research for the benefit of wellbeing and relaxing moments, like the armchair Judy by Frank Rettenbacher. Or again the Nordic taste for the Tweed series of tables, featuring organic design, by Garcia Cumini at the very first collaboration with the company.