Microcromo is a multifunctional transforming furniture designed to be at the same time an artistic painting, a smart ambient light and a comfortable table. Designed for sophistication but built for functionality, our product use microscope photography, chromotherapy and transformation to turn any space into a better place to live.

We started the Microcromo project two year ago. Everything was born out of the simple idea of creating an object which could be transformed into one of the three most common objects in each house: a table, a painting and an ambient light! Microscopes can bring a smaller, practically invisible universe within reach.  We modificate beautiful, artistic, and often shocking details in common objects to create artistic painting. These images don’t represent scientific subjects but true paintings, manually and digitally modified, showcasing the beauty and complexity of life as seen through the light microscope.

The light changes drastically the sensations that transmits an ambience. Thanks to our app you can choose exactly the intensity, the light and the right color for every occasion.

Microcromo turns into a coffee table thanks to a retractable legs system, simple to open. You need only a single movement to engage the safety magnets and lock the interlocking system.

About the furniture company

Art is therapy is an Italian company, born three years ago after a successfully crowdfunding campaign. Our goal is to design, develop and manufacture innovative products. We follow personally the product development in all its stages, from conception to the delivery into our customers’ hands.