rolls royce cullinan suv offroad adventure high-end luxury custom made
The Rolls Royce Cullinan can be converted to the stunning OffRoad Tuner for approximately 150.000 as a complete package.

Your Rolls Royce Cullinan in the Rough

In the past, the off-road experts at delta4x4 have raised many off-road vehicles and SUVs to the next level, not only visually, but notably through their accomplishments in dealing with rough terrain. No wonder then, that a high-end SUV such as the Rolls Royce Cullinan has caught the eye of the experienced technicians from Unterumbach in Bavaria. It took many months of planning the conversion of the English aristocrat, before the first call came in from the Arabian Peninsula.

Converting such a rolling icon at the price of an apartment is quite the challenge, of course, since it must be stylistically and functionally sound and clearly display custom-made perfection, no less. Anything else would hardly do justice to the original.

The Rolls Royce Cullinan by delta4x4 shows some superior design features

But how do you turn a luxury SUV into a serious off-road vehicle? First you need more ground clearance, best achieved by a bigger wheel combined with improved lift. This means specialty tires with maximum grip, even in sand, mud or snow.

Creating a true expedition vehicle requires a solid roof rack that can hold traction plates, sand shovels, water canisters, boxes, and maybe even a roof tent. A front bracket protects the sensitive parts of the vehicle, such as the cooling systems. As a superior design feature, the roof rack and front bracket are perfect for installing additional lighting. To this effect, delta4x4 has been using Japanese PIAA headlights for more than 30 years, which are about the most solid solution available on the market. Shock tested for up to 4x gravitational acceleration they have brought rally contestants and race cars to their ultimate goal for decades.

With the large 20 inch rims and the 33 inch tires the car stands about 150mm taller

Additional options are typically a snorkel system for traversing deep bodies of water, as well as a solid, stable undercarriage protection. This must include a well protected exhaust system that ensures higher performance through less flow restrictions, with a more beautiful sound.

Following are the details for the Cullinan: 20 inch delta Force for Real Beadlock Rims are combined with fat 33 inch Mickey Thompson tires at about 15.000 Euro for the set. To accommodate these mighty wheels delta4x4 has developed new fender flares for around 14.000 Euro. A minimum 80 millimeters of lift starts at 15.000 Euro; together with the large wheels this ensures that the vehicle stands about 150mm taller.

The front bracket is tested to ensure pedestrian protection according to EG guidelines at the price of 3.900 Euro.

To turn your Rolls Royce Cullinan into a highend offroad vehicle takes you about 150.000 Euro

The snorkel and new exhaust system are tested and homologated, with the price yet to be determined.

The rally-ready headlights by PIAA provide a choice of employing either working headlights or additional high beams, at a fair comparable price of about 2.500 Euro. 

Finally, the roof rack, designed to handle the high loads and all of the shock and impact encountered in an off-road expedition can be ordered from delta4x4 starting at 8.000 Euro.

The Rolls Royce Cullinan can be converted to the stunning OffRoad Tuner for approximately 150.000 as a complete package.