Caran d’Ache pays homage to the fine arts in its “Chinese calendar” collection, designed to bring the legend of the symbols of the Chinese zodiac to life. The new “Year of the Dog” limited edition carries on the tradition of this collection of exceptional writing instruments to celebrate the advent of the Chinese Year of the Dog in 2018. The “Year of the Dog” writing instruments embody the precious arts of figurative engraving and authentic Chinese lacquer, long cultivated in the Caran d’Ache workshops.

Fruits of the master craftsmen’s creative passion and their untiring search for perfection, these veritable works of art bear witness to the perfect union of high technicality and ancestral arts and crafts.

According to legend, the powerful Jade Emperor invited the animals to a mysterious gathering on New Year’s Eve. Only twelve animals accepted the invitation. The Emperor then gave each animal a unique gift: henceforth, a year would be dedicated to them and would bear their name. In the Chinese zodiac, the dog symbolises loyalty, integrity and devotion to just causes. Its profound intelligence, sensitive soul and alert mind often make it the defender of universal values. A loyal friend and unwavering travelling companion, this pathfinder for peace brings balance and harmony to the world. Favourable to stability and positive change, the Chinese Year of the Dog promises the union of the very best energies.

The “Year of the Dog” edition by Caran d’Ache is limited to 888 items in homage to Chinese culture

In keeping with the aesthetics of previous limited editions dedicated to the symbols of the Chinese zodiac, the “Year of the Dog” revives the splendour of genuine Chinese lacquer. A mastery of this ancestral technique and extensive know-how in terms of precision engraving ensure the master craftsmen at Caran d’Ache enjoy great freedom when creating their designs while maintaining the integrity of the lacquered surface. And so the sleek shape of the dog emerges in grey Chinese lacquer, creating an elegant contrast with the deep black of the lacquer covering the writing instrument.
The finely engraved figurative lines and contours express all the agility and elegance of the dog. The typically Asian character of the design further underlines its rippling coat and the arching of its slender body. The writing instruments’ attributes are coated in yellow gold. The combination of gold and grey symbolises the union of energy and reason, light and awareness, signs of balance and good omens in Asia. Each writing instrument is authenticated by the calligraphic symbol of the dog and by the red Caran d’Ache Chinese seal which is supposed to bring good luck.
The “Year of the Dog” edition is limited to 888 items in homage to Chinese culture, in which the number “888” is the ultimate sign of good luck.

Precisely 888 fountain pens and 888 roller pens available with gold-plated attributes

The “Year of the Dog” limited edition joins the other exceptional items in the Caran d’Ache Artiste Collection. Made with noble materials, it is the quintessential embodiment of Caran d’Ache know-how.

•Precisely 888 fountain pens and 888 roller pens available with gold-plated attributes.

•Body & cap: representation of a dog in grey Chinese lacquer on a background of polished black gloss Chinese lacquer. Red Caran d’Ache Chinese seal.
•Meticulously polished making the black lacquer shine. 
•Swiss Made and Caran d’Ache logo engraved on the ring of the writing instruments.
•The fountain pen can be used with an ink pump or with Caran d’Ache cartridges. 
•The rhodium-plated 18-carat gold nib is available on request in several widths (M, F, B). 
•The roller pen can be used with a Caran d’Ache roller point cartridge. 
Presentation in a valuable case and accompanied by a limited edition certificate and authenticity certificate attesting to the use of Chinese lacquer.
Manufactured in accordance with the “Swiss Made” quality criteria guaranteeing a long service life, each writing instrument comes with an international lifetime warranty.
The “Year of the Dog” limited edition is available in all specialist Haute Écriture boutiques.
Since 1915, Caran d’Ache has written its own history by cultivating a commitment to elegant materials. Calling on years of valuable experience, Caran d’Ache perpetuates the art of writing with respect. In the grand tradition of Swiss companies, it designs and manufactures exceptional products with great care and dedication. All its products are made in Geneva and carry the “Swiss Made” quality label. Renowned worldwide for their level of excellence, Caran d’Ache writing instruments and art and design supplies boldly combine expertise and aesthetics.