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For many, summer is synonymous with sun and beach, which is why most people who choose the coast as a destination seek a hotel beside the sea.

Welcome to the luxurious adults only resort Amàre Marbella ..!

Marbella is celebrating. Since February 2016 it is featuring a new hotel, recommended for adults, aimed at meeting the needs of adult guests and to improve the range of options available to visitors in Marbella with a renovated establishment, designed to ensure that enjoyment involves all five senses. Amàre Marbella is the first establishment to form part of the new Amàre brand, created by the El Fuerte Group to meet the needs of the adult sea loving public.

This 236 room hotel enjoys a privileged beach front location a stone’s throw away from Marbella’s old town, perfectly combining the two concepts that make up its name: love (Amor) and sea (Mar), thought of as both love for the sea and love in the sea.

The essence of this fusion of land and sea has taken form in Amàre Club, a unique space where the Mediterranean attempts to permeate every corner with its light, aroma, murmur and elegance, making its influence felt in 3 different dimensions: Amàre Beach – a fusion cuisine restaurant with exquisite rice dishes, and sunbathing area beside the sea, with DJ sessions in the afternoon, a thatched shelter for massages on the beach, and special events such as acrobatic, flamenco or Cuban nights; Amàre Pool – outdoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi and Bali bed area; like the sunbeds on the beach, the Bali beds have a “Pushbutton” service so you can order food and drinks without leaving your bed-; and Amàre Lounge – a Mediterranean leisure and dining space with a contemporary and eclectic design that just invites you to celebrate all types of fashion and music events here such as opera rock concerts, soul tributes and flamenco evenings.

Another cosy place inside Amàre Marbella is its welcoming Spa

In all of these areas can be found a wide range of cuisine, as well as a full entertainment and special events programme capable of turning an evening beside the sea into an unforgettable experience. To ensure that any stay beside the sea is a complete success, and that couples, singles and groups of friends staying with us are able to experience their trip as an adventure full of memorable moments, Amàre Marbella offers a range of other services such as the romantic and exquisite Mare Nostrum restaurant, where wonderful breakfasts and buffet dinners can be enjoyed in its well-appointed inside area, on its terrace or on its charming balcony. Aside from its name, everything inside the restaurant brings the Mediterranean to mind, from its views and decoration, with nods to the meandering waves at every turn, to its tasty cuisine created using fresh, seasonal produce. The more gourmand of guests have the chance to sample the exceptional offerings of a Michelin starred restaurant: Messina, located right next door to the hotel. Forming part of the culinary offerings at Amàre Marbella thanks to a partnership agreement, guests can book tables directly from the hotel reception and, once there, charge the cost directly to their accommodation bill. The jewel in the crown of this special connection with the Mediterranean is the new roof terrace, which without a doubt will be the new sensation of this Marbella summer: the Belvue Rooftop Bar, an ideal spot for enjoying one of the best Costa del Sol sunsets while sampling an extensive selection of international premium quality international; it is the only place in the town of Marbella for enjoying 360° views. Thanks to its infinity style glass balustrade, you’ll feel like you can touch the sea and Marbella’s hills with your fingertips.

Another cosy place inside Amàre Marbella is its welcoming Spa, where you can give in to the temptation of some of the best treatments provided by the exclusive Germaine de Capuccini brand, whose international prestige means that professionals from all over the world highly rate its beauty and skin care treatments. If you would like us to recommend something, go for the “Andalusian Aromas” massage, seeing as you have decided to spend your holidays in the South. Lasting 50 minutes, during this unique muti-sense experience you’ll notice how your skin gives in to a universe of aromas, all associated with the South: from the lavender swaying in the fields, to the centuries-old olive groves cutting through the land, and the citrus trees invading orchards and plazas all over the place. Next, you’ll notice the relaxing and curative properties of lavender; the nourishing olive oil and the vitamin hit provided by oranges and lemons. The result is silky and shiny skin, ready for sporting an elegant dress and taking a stroll through the centre of Marbella or around luxurious Puerto Banús. If you also want to get the most out of your hair and nails and go for a “total look”, just visit our hair and beauty salon. Allow us another revolutionary treatment recommendation: Time Expert SNRS PRO 60+, an advanced anti-aging global programme that adapts to the history of your skin to curb aging. Thanks to EPIGENOL, a promising ingredient extracted from the marigold flower, the aging process is reversed, becoming a real “switch” that turns “off genes” back “ON”. An intense cure for your skin. If you are coming with your couple, try one of our spa experiences for two. Relax and enjoy a completed wellness sensation along with a bottle cava and chocolate. You could also exercise in the beach, practising yoga and that-chi, previously booking at the Spa Reception; renting a bike to ride along the beautiful promenade and take “must” pictures for yous Instagram, and if you’re somebody who always travels with your trainers, don’t miss our sophisticated 24 hrs gym, fitted out by leading brand Technogym.

Make your stay at luxury beach resort Amàre Marbella an unforgettable experience

For many, summer is synonymous with sun and beach, which is why most people who choose the coast as a destination seek a hotel beside the sea. If this your case, and you also like exclusive environments and carefully thought out designs recommended for adults only, get away to Marbella and enjoy the incredible experience of staying in our “Oh là là” rooms. The name was not chosen lightly, because as soon as you walk through the door and go out onto the terrace with the feeling that you can touch the Mediterranean itself with your fingertips, the words that you’ll utter the most will be: “Oh là là”! In addition, we offer 4 other room versions, each with its own charm and personality: “Dolce Vita”, “Sea lovers”, “My way” and “I was here”. Try a different one each time, and let us know which you like the most. Finally, if you want to make your stay at Amàre Marbella an unforgettable experience, book “The One” service. As well as improving the services and “amenities” available in your room, it allows you to take advantage of a 6 pm “late check out”, and enjoy 1 hydrotherapy circuit per person in the Spa; you can use “The One lounge” between 11am and 11pm, where you will find every luxury and details that you might need: a food and alcoholic beverage service, computer with Internet access, a printer and Spanish and international press.

About Amàre Hoteles

The Amàre brand forms part of Fuerte Group, the hotel division of Grupo El Fuerte, an Andalusian family company founded in 1957 by José Luque Manzano. Following the opening during the same year of the Fuerte Marbella hotel, the first hotel establishment to open in the centre of Marbella and the first leisure hotel to obtain the ISO 9002 quality certificate, the company continued to expand to achieve its current portfolio comprising six 4 star holiday hotels and 1 rental apartment resort, all located in Andalusia (in Málaga, Cádiz and Huelva), belonging to the Fuerte Hoteles chain, and Amàre Marbella, the first establishment created under the Amàre brand of hotels recommended for adults, in 2016. As regards the El Fuerte Group’s social responsibility policy, the company channels its activities through the Fuerte Foundation, the purpose of which is to help people at risk of social exclusion, and to organise cultural events and environmental awareness campaigns. One of its most ambitious projects is known as “Euro Responsible”, consisting of suggesting that hotel guests donate one euro, added to their bill, which is forwarded directly to the Marbella Hombre Project run by the Horizonte Association, for its Pivesport programme, which promotes social integration for underprivileged children through sport.