Veronese reveals its new lighting collections

2017 is a year of reflection for Veronese. This year, the French design house took a look back at its creations spanning almost nine decades, including some of its most recent collections, to create new designs and reshape others. Each year, Veronese sets out to present new contemporary designs that either call upon the traditional techniques of Murano glass artisans or inspire them to develop new skills.

For the 2017 collections, Veronese decided to do something novel and pull iconic Murano glass pieces dating back to the 1930s from the company archives and, without altering them, develop completely new designs.

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From a distance you will see pure angular lines, but you will be quickly drawn in closer to discover YSA’s mysterious textures and details.

Veronese presents the MARTHA collection, designed by the president of Veronese, Fredie Jochimek, and the PAST & FUTURE collection, designed by Piet Hein Eek. Classic Murano glass elements are at the center of each of these collections, with each designer, in their own style, giving these iconic pieces of glass a new framework to exist in. While MARTHA borrows from the designs of the past to create something new, PAST & FUTURE uses the actual vintage Murano glass elements to create the chandelier of tomorrow. Veronese also marks 2017 by looking back at recent collections HIGHLIGHT, designed by Dan Yeffet, and BIJOU BIJOU, designed by Laurence Brabant, and reshaping them by expanding their colors, textures, designs, and finishes.