MANSORY raises the storm: Refinement programmes for Maserati Levante

Maserati named its luxury SUV after a moderate easterly wind. The refinement by MANSORY however, is more like a hurricane. The vehicle has a more confident appearance than the series version due to the newly designed widebody. The front lip with side flaps and the integrated LED daytime running lights make a clear statement. Together with the front splitters, mirror housing and the new grill mask with vertical and horizontal accents it is immediately clear: this is not about an understatement.

This statement particularly characterises the wheelhouse expansions and door attachments with which Maserati is growing in width. The diffusor with the diffusor board is at the rear and the angular end pipes are perfectly adjusted to the new aerodynamic package. The expanded roof spoiler and the rear spoiler also show that MANSORY gives the vehicle an aggressive character. The entire widebody as well as the accents on the mudguards, doors and the mask on the rear are made of orange painted visible carbon fibres. Here, the manufacturer once again shows all its skills. At MANSORY the carbon fibre parts are not bought in addition but are designed by the company and produced in in-house autoclaves. This extensive process ensures absolute independence and freedom in terms of design due to an unrivalled vertical range of manufacture.

The V6 twin turbo of the Maserati Levante S is given a performance boost of 35 HP

The light alloy wheels GTurismo perfectly match the overall refinement in terms of appearance and construction. The colour variants, Diamond Black and Diamond Silver, cover ultra-high performance tyres in the dimension 265/35 in 9×22 inch front wheels, and 295/30 tyres adorn the 10.5×22 rims at the rear. With the suitable wheel spacer MANSORY ensures that the wheels are not only suitable for the Levante series but also for the widebody.

The motor development of MANSORY is building on the new agility. The V6 twin turbo of the Maserati Levante S is given a performance boost of 35 HP (25 kW). This additional power result in a newly programmed motor management, sports air filter and the new sports silencer, who angular end pipes protrude from the diffusor.

The newly designed interior presents itself in a confident manner. The new airbag sports steering wheel and the aluminium pedals are of the highest level both in terms of function and aesthetics. The numerous orange coloured carbon applications harmoniously link the overall appearance with the interior while the needlework of the upholstered and leather-covered seats prove the high-level of craftsmanship of the upholstery shops.

The extensive refinement programme once against proves that MANSORY understands what it means to create a strong unique model from a production vehicle.