Two unmistakable … unbelievable novelties from PanoramaKnife.

News in August, in the middle of summer? Well, an idea doesn’t care about its origin and we want to give you ideas. For you and your loved ones:

1. PanoramaKnife XL, Best of Switzerland. Made in Switzerland.

Our PanoramaKnife XL is 4 cm longer and more than 1 cm wider than our bread knife. In Italy they call it “coltello pasticceria”, in France “couteaux pâtissier”. It is the knife that cuts Le Gâteau or Il Panettone, in Germany it is cakes, pies and other larger pastries. Here in Switzerland it’s the Sunday plait. Everything that an even longer and wider blade can do for us. It’s wide enough to serve the pieces of cake straight away. And the whole knife is so ergonomically designed that it looks even sharper than our already known knives. Order now, for only 99 CHF.

On top the XL-wood cutting board, made in Ermatingen (Switzerland, of course).
The beautiful walnut boards in 49,5 x 32,5 x 2,5 cm format with maple inlay.
Available with magnetic knife holder for 199 CHF and without for only 129 CHF.

2. Our new blade protection: Because these knives really cut.

Our blade protection not only protects you from our sharp blades, but our knives from your ideas. For example, when you think about putting them in the drawer with other knives. “Oh, how cheeky again, PanoramaKnife’s.” Very seriously, it is a bit expensive, our blade protector, but because the leather guards were not robust enough, we make them out of walnut, in Ermatingen, by hand, with a magnet, which holds the knife in the “sheath”.

Available in three sizes from 35 CHF: Tailor-made for our XL, bread and universal knives. But it is quite possible that they also protect knives from other manufacturers. Simply without guarantee.

For XL knives
For bread knives
For universal knives


Order now and take advantage of the summer offer until 31st of August. With the code PK-HEISS we give you the shipping costs in Switzerland for all products.