To be considered before the wedding.

Believe us, we don’t really care who you marry. What doesn’t not matter and is much more important, is how you cut your cake. Ultimately, it has to last two lives. Tragic that our XL knives and the specially designed cake plates (yes, they also work for salty food) probably last longer than any marriage. So it would be ideal if you buy a set. One takes the knife and the other the board in case of a separation. Stupid, if the names are on it or the date. You can’t show it to your new partners – or use it again for another wedding. But it’s emotionally important and that’s why we do it for you. And if necessary, if it doesn’t work out, we can also do the sanding or polishing – pretty cheeky, right?

Well, maybe you are already married. Or you want to give someone something they will never forget. Then simply select individual articles:

XL knife Best of Switzerland.
With 12 of the most beautiful Swiss peaks. Big enough for any cake and wide enough to serve the pieces. Only 99 CHF.

Round XL Board 40 cm diameter.
Did you have something smaller in mind? Why, the most beautiful cakes and tarts fit on it. Made of maple with walnut inlay. 40 cm in diameter 2,6 cm high. For 189 CHF it belongs to you or your loved one.

The XL cake set.
For lovers, fiancées, married couples, relatives and good acquaintances.
Our wedding gift to you for 259 CHF. You save 29 CHF if you buy both products in this set. Name laserings: 50 CHF/set on knife and board. Sanding it off? Forget it.

Round board 33 cm diameter.
And for those who really like it a little smaller, the beautiful maple board with walnut inlay is also available one size smaller. Especially suitable for cheese and Co. for 149 CHF.

The cheese set round.
For those who have a somewhat smaller gift budget or prefer to eat savory rather than sweet anyway, there is the round cheese set consisting of the round board with 33 cm and the cheese knife with the most beautiful peaks in Switzerland for 199 CHF instead of 218 CHF.

Now, who would you like to make happy with that?