Creativity meets technology, functionality meets aesthetics in Trame, the radiator with dazzling lines and striking versatility, designed by Stefano Giovannoni. Trame is the result of experimental work with a dual research purpose, design and technology innovation: the heating element is revolutionised through a free and easy approach, introducing a brand-new way of looking at a traditional (and often seen as not very interesting) household item.

Tubes has been working for some time on the theme of reinterpreting the traditional radiator, producing results which touch on the contemporary art world. And now it’s going even further, giving us something which is between the unique and the very best in craftsmanship.

In Trame, the traditional tubular steel elements are treated like coloured threads, pursuing each other through warp and weft, creating attractive backdrops on the wall. Fluid lines follow one another in a dainty game of blocks and voids, amplifying the metal’s reflective properties producing changeable, lovely, three-dimensional effects.

Trame is available in hydraulic, electric or mixed versions, with a choice of horizontal or vertical, from 52.5 to 197.5 cm, and available in three different models: Trame 14, Trame 20 and Trame 28, according to the diameter of the tubular elements. This gives a total of 279 possible size variations, and the greatest design freedom and ease when positioning it in rooms. As far as materials are concerned, the radiator is manufactured in low carbon content steel, perfect for creating the curved shapes which make it stand out.

Trame is available in over 260 colours of the RAL scale and in the special wrinkled white and pearlescent black finishes.
 In the horizontal version for the models 52,5 cm, 67 cm and 96 cm wide, Trame can be equipped with a special hand rail which works as a heated towel rail, which can be positioned freely at any height. The chromed hook, available both for the vertical and horizontal versions, completes the line of thick chromed brass accessories.