Anima’s unique design is build around its bass horn which stands tall and fires to the floor utilizing our unique mass loading technique. This technique and alignment allows the bass horn to require much less real estate space and at the same time baring all the qualities of a full sized bass horn. The bass horn loads a massive 15” driver modified in house to fit the horn design which is build of grade A Baltic birch plywood. Several bracings along the length of the horn provide a clear path to ground all vibration thru the base of the horn.

Mid height on the side the mid range horn is hand crafted also of grade A Baltic birch plywood with wall thickness to maximize efficiency and energy transfer without any energy build up on the horn itself. The mid horn loads a custom made 5” paper cone driver and the crossover frequency is at 250Hz. On top the high range horn is molded with our proprietary epoxy resin compound with several mineral additives. The horn is loading a compression driver with neodymium magnetic system and titanium diaphragm with crossover frequency at 1500Hz. Both mid and high horns follow our special revision of the tractrix flare and exhibit superb linearity, controlled beaming and constant loading of the driver.

Crossovers are located on the bottom of the bass horn which allows the crossover parts be well spaced to avoid any kind of interference and distant from any driver’s magnetic field. All components are hard wired on Bakelite boards using only brass and copper connection parts and slopes are of 1st order in all ways. All internal wiring is made in house of high purity copper with waxed cotton insulation.

Bracing parts are of brass with felt acoustic isolation to disrupt energy transfer paths on contacts of the horns. Especially the high horn’s bracing is studied in a way to make the horn float and thru its mass to ground all vibrations. Horns are mechanically time aligned for time coherent and point source result without enrolling additional components on the crossover.

For mid and high frequencies, level adjustments are available to the user making it possible to fine tune Anima to the listening room. Also beaming adjustment on the vertical plane of the high frequencies horn is also available depending on the listening distance.

Technical Data

System Sensitivity: 109db
Impedance Nominal: 8ohms Crossover @ 250HZ & 1500HZ
Recommended Power. > 3watt
Recommended Amplifiers. Low-mid powered tube or solid state with low or no feedback.
Recommended Placement. Near wall or near room corner placement is desirable.
Preferred clearance between speakers. >2 m.
Listening Distance. >3 m.
Dimensions. H158cm, W87cm, D87cm
Weight. 75Kgr each

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Anima’s unique design is build around its bass horn which stands tall and fires to the floor utilizing our unique mass loading technique.