It is no accident that designer Rafael Parga stylishly combines these captivating contrasts of his Iberian homeland in the DS-5250 side table. The message of richly contrasting proportions, of the interplay of two different characters such as leather and metal, are elementary in the appearance of the item of furniture that is DS-5250. Here, two polarizing elements, such as powerful metal and warm leather, meet, attract one an- other and maintain the balance of these two utterly different elements.

The materials conduct themselves as if they were different dance steps. They stand alone, but it is only in combination that they strive to become what DS-5250 is: temperamental, striking and solid in appearance, with passion of craftsmanship at their core.

One hears the rhythmic sounds of guitar accompanied by an energetically melodic voice – gently, and with striking movements, the dancer hovers over the parquet, her gaze serious and passionate at the same time. A temperamental spectacle in which the woman, drawn by gestures of encouragement, moves toward her partner: a duet akin to heaven and hell, a demonstration full of suffering, joy and pride, a perfect blend of temperament, emotions and electrifying energy.

A balance rich in contrasts

The metal used in the DS-5250 side table may seem heavy and rigid at first; with the contrast of the soft leather cover, however, this impression is relaxed and gains in aspirations of lightness. The folded metal sheeting creates the stability that the leather needs to embody a timeless side table as a symbiosis of metal and leather.