The charm of the original lives on in this new design that releases the heat radiating element from its original technical appearance, creating a furnishing accessory ideal for contemporary spaces. The creative concept plays with the essential lines and repeating modules. Minimalist elegance and aesthetic balance are the notes that define the Soho range, creating a link from the past to a present in perfect harmony with more contemporary concepts of interior design.

The radiator is built with hot extrusion aluminium sections held together by a patented positioning and locking system. Soho is available in vertical and horizontal versions, with single and double columns, from 60 cm to 280 cm in height and between 17.6 cm and 280 cm wide. In the double columns version Soho can be installed also in the free-standing version, both horizontally and vertically (this last option is equipped with a special support at the base). The free-standing solution emphasises its sculptural appearance and is ideal for creating very effective solutions where the radiator becomes the protagonist of the space.

A key basic feature of the model is its considerable water saving, about 75% less compared to a traditional tubular radiator with the same thermal output; this means Soho is fully entitled to join the category of environmentally sustainable products, which, in addition to guaranteeing low consumption, are made using completely recyclable materials.

Soho represents the perfect answer for low energy buildings (class A, class B and even passive buildings) as its extremely low water requirement and excellent heat response make it the most efficient system around, both in terms of comfort and cost containment.

From 2014, Soho is available also in the Soho Bathroom version, which features a special chromed hand rail which works as a heated towel rail, it can be positioned freely at any height of the radiator. Soho can be completed with an optional chromed hook, which can be freely installed between the elements of the vertical model (both in the single and the double versions) and a hand rail in different sizes according to the number of elements (5, 7, 8 elements).

Soho is available in over 260 colours of the RAL scale and in the special anodised aluminium finishes in silver, titanium, bronze and black.