The outdoor garden or terrace lounge by TUUCI

In the spring and summer months most of our time is spent in the garden or terrace. There is nothing more rewarding than enjoying your well-deserved rest in these outdoor spaces – that’s why TUUCI created the Air Lounge hammock, designed to ensure optimal relaxation.

The Air Lounge is constructed of Ultra Dry-Core Comfort Mesh, characterized by its resilient elastic and the ability to dry really quickly. The mesh will comfortably fit the body due to its ability to contract and expand. Durable hardwood stretcher bars placed at the ends are facilitating this. The connector between the hardwood stretcher bar and the mesh is a patented spring suspension system ensuring the optimal way to relax.

The mesh can optionally be attached with stainless steel hooks to a lush, wave-shaped structure inspired by the ocean. At the bottom of this structure there are anti-slide shock absorbing pads.

TUUCI’s Air Lounge has a modular design with marine grade components that are durable and easy to replace. The mesh is available in the colors ‘black’ and ‘white’.