For the Salone del Mobile 2017 Adele_C unveiled a selection of products to the public that are, above all, elegant. Through the selection of designers who created the new furnishings, the collection conveys the company’s intention to promote a concept that is poised between continuity and innovation, achieving very different aesthetic outcomes accomplished with the utmost attention to craft — whether through an industrial production process or workmanship that relies on the skill of human hands.

The project Ori is inspired by the technique of Origami. The idea that led to the creation of the object came from playing around with a paper envelope, initially opened and taken apart, then put back together and given a new shape. The entire structure of the table derives its shape from the artful laser folding of a single 2mm-thick foil sheet. The folds emphasize the 3-dimensional aspects of the shape through the refraction of light that spreads out unevenly over the variously-slanted surfaces, producing light and dark reflections, starting with the initial shade of gunmetal gray or brushed bronze.

salone del mobile 2017 furniture furnishings table tables coffee-tables

The project Ori is inspired by the technique of Origami.