The Noctis Lux lingerie collection by Nina and The Wolf

With this new collection Nina and The Wolf goes back to it’s purpose and to creating a clear distinction between the two souls of the brand: Nina and The Wolf. It’s all in a matter of minutes, the moments from darkness to the first lights in the morning.

The Wolf part of the collection, finds its inspiration in the moments right before the lights of dawn when darkness is still enveloping the totality of nature, with only the light from the moon bringing to life the shadows of a mysterious woman. The pieces are brought to life by the shiny black silk framed by light straps, deep cuts and a lot of exposed skin! A few minutes pass, and light breaks the sky…and there is Nina. The soft light in those first ours, the morning dew on the emerald green grass, and a slight morning fog that embraces every leaf rock and tree, making everything look glossy like emerald silk. In this case, the brighter fabrics and the preponderance of green, give to the collection a lighter vibe, perfect for Nina. This part of the collection is entirely made of a stunning emerald green Italian silk held together by thin straps that bring an elegant and sexy vibe to the pieces. This two magical moments just a few minutes apart were the spark that ignited the ideas for this new collection that came to life pairing beautiful materials and playing with colors and cuts.

About the fashion label Nina and The Wolf

Nina and The Wolf was born from the idea of Gaia and Marta who decided to carefully mix the quirkiness in the designs inspired by their time in the UK and the excellence of the manufactures of their home country – Italy – giving to this fabulous Swiss brand a truly international vibe! Gaia has lingerie in her DNA, she is the third generation of women in lingerie in her family and she couldn’t be prouder! After graduating at The University of Edinburgh with a MSc in Management and working for several years for some of the best up and coming brands in London, Italy and NYC she decided to move back home to start working on her lifelong dream: Nina and The Wolf. Marta decided to follow her passion for photography – heritage of a family history – and after a degree in Design, she moved to London to graduate with a MA in Photography at University of Westminster. Alongside her Fine Art practice, she worked with various Fashion photographers. Today, she’s working in Milan as a freelance. Her pictures have been published on The New York Times, and Grazia and from 2013, her photographs are auctioned by Sotheby’s. There is a bit of Nina in each one of us, and we are all a little bit of the Wolf. The most amazing thing you can do is to be, every single morning, your unpredictable self and choose whether you feel more like the dreamy Nina or like the mysterious Wolf. A name that sounds like a fairy tale, to narrate the female beauty and complexity and all those facets so typical of a woman: romanticism, elegance and simplicity, but also seduction and, why not… the desire to hunt. Nina and The Wolf seem to be two very different and distant characters, but if you look closer they coexist in the same woman; because after all… Nina is The Wolf! Our Classic collection is particularly designed to enhance this idea of duality within a woman: a Nina line with lighter colours, soft and romantic materials and sensual yet sophisticated lines, and a Wolf line, with deep cuts and very provocative and alluring lines, transparent and geometric fabrics, where black is the main colour. Made in Italy with Love At Nina and The Wolf we believe that quality is the secret to create something fabulous. For this reason all of our products are made in Italy: selecting some of the best fabrics and materials, as well as suppliers well renowned for their attention to detail. Because every woman should own great quality lingerie, something that makes her feel sexy and proud, something that boosts her confidence, something that make her feel she can conquer the world! However, Nina and The Wolf has something more, the products are not just “Made in Italy” but Made in Italy with Love” because not only is there great attention to the production processes, but “we have left a bit of our hearts in each and every garment, making sure its not just something we would definitely buy, but that also reflects our souls and personalities.” The brand doesn’t want just to create amazing lingerie, it wants to challenge women to break their routine, start experimenting with fashion and to treat lingerie as an accessory, part of their everyday look: “all our pieces are designed to be shown: matched with a pair of jeans or peeking out from your favourite T-shirt… have fun creating new combinations!”

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