The newest TAGA Harmony TTA-1000 Class A vacuum tube integrated amplifier

The TTA-1000 is a 60W / 8ohm Pure Class A high-end vacuum tube integrated amplifier utilizing KT88 tubes in the output stage (with the fixed grid load) and a 12AX7 tube preamp section, composed of 6SN7 long-tail phase inversion drive circuit.

High-quality toroidal EI broadband sound output transformer provides voltage stability and constant and immediately-available energy at any volume level. Analog inputs with high-end solid machined brass RCA sockets can accommodate up to 3 stereo devices including a turntable (both MM and MC cartridges) to enjoy music from vinyl records.

high-end-amplifier taga amplifier tta-1000

The TAGA Harmony TTA-1000 amplifier.