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Focal introduces Theva; a new range of loudspeakers combining pure hi-fi sound, design and accessibility.

The new Theva loudspeakers made by Focal

Focal introduces Theva; a new range of loudspeakers combining pure hi-fi sound, design and accessibility. Renowned for its savoir-faire in sound, the French brand has designed, developed and manufactured the six-model range to span the spectrum of Hi-Fi and Home Cinema listening at home with exceptional performance.

In every product, Focal elevates sound through design and the use of elegant finishes. Black, Dark Wood and Light Wood finishes complement the speaker design and help bring any room to life. Dark or light wood effects are available for the side panels too, for added aesthetic flair. The range looks at home in both classic and modern interiors, combining effortlessly with other materials like metal, concrete, stone and more.

The black finish offers a timeless, sophisticated tone, bringing charm and character to any room in your home. The enclosures have been revamped to be more compact, while the additional front panels provide an elegant finish and serve to make the products even more robust. Finally, Focal has carefully chosen metallic, screen-printed rings to frame the speaker drivers, the vent has been positioned to the rear as to not interfere with the sleek front panels and the bases and grilles work in harmony with each model.

One line, six loudspeakers

With Theva, Focal has created a complete range for all circumstances. Theva N°1 is the compact bookshelf loudspeaker; Theva N°2 the new 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker with an ultra-slim profile and 5″ (13cm) speaker drivers – a first for Focal’s home floorstanding loudspeakers. The Theva N°3 is the timeless 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker; and Theva N°3-D, the loudspeaker that incorporates a speaker driver to facilitate sensational Dolby Atmos® sound. Not forgetting the 2-way Theva Center centre speaker for delivering crystal clear film dialogue, and Theva Surround, the loudspeaker for spatialised audio.

Pure HiFi-Sound

Focal’s innovative technology and expertise have melded seamlessly to create this line. Made in France in Focal’s workshops, the speaker drivers incorporate Slatefiber technology, an exclusive cone known for reproducing a dynamic, rich and balanced sound; effectively used in numerous products for the home, recording studios and in-car audio systems. Also made by Focal, the TNF tweeter delivers a mellow, clear treble frequency.

The loudspeakers feature tilted stands for optimum

Time Alignment, creating a soundstage focused purely on the listener. The amalgamation of these assets allow the Theva range to truly make the difference.