TAGA Harmony, a European manufacturer of award-winning speakers and audio electronics, has recently announced introduction of new models in its line of audio cables. The Platinum speaker cable is designed for use in high-end stereo and home theatre systems. Its braided construction has no surface or center and frequency-related phase shift is effectively canceled. Different frequencies signals are distributed through different paths so the internal disruptions are greatly reduced as well as losses in high registers are limited.

The cable is available in 2 variants: 16-conductor and 8-conductor versions. Each conductor is built of multi-stranded, ultra-high purity 99.99% Oxygen Free Copper. The sound is very transparent and natural in higher and mid frequencies as well as dynamic and extended in a bass section.

The high-quality TAGA Harmony cables preserve more information and significantly improve sound quality

The Azure speaker cable is designed for use in premium hi-fi and home theatre systems. Its twisted-pair geometry, multi-stranded ultra-high purity 99.99% Oxygen Free Copper conductors, low capacitance HDPE dielectric insulation and specially designed shielding provide perfect connection and sound throughout your audio system. The cable is available in many variants from 2-conductor versions in different sizes of cross-sections to a bi-wiring version.

Because music signals are continuous streams of analog data, in case of any disruption or errors during transmission through an RCA audio cable there is no chance to replace any missing part of the audio signal. It is crucial to use a high grade analog RCA audio interconnect cable that preserves more information and significantly improves sound quality.

Thanks to their specific design, high-quality materials (4N purity oxygen free copper conductors, pure copper gold-plated plugs) and very low capacitance and inductance, TAGA Harmony high-performance RCA audio cables from the Azure series do not disrupt signal flow in any range of sound frequencies.
The sound is clear and neutral with tight, powerful bass and a rich midrange with ultra-clear and spacious highs. Recommended for demanding home stereo systems.

More information about the TAGA Harmony brand and its products is available at www.taga-audio.com.