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The MB8B promises the best performance from any loudspeaker from Scansonic yet.

The NEW ScansonicHD MB8B – A Statement Loudspeaker with Raidho Genes

Building on the best-selling MB series from Scansonic, the brand now releases its new Statement model. The MB8B promises the best performance from any loudspeaker from Scansonic yet.
The MB8B is a massive loudspeaker with not only one, but two 8” woofers. If you want to play at high SPL or just enjoy full range sound reproduction, the MB8B is just what you need. This loudspeaker is particularly well suited for large rooms or home cinema applications. Especially with the ribbon tweeter on top you get all the high-end sparkle in a smooth and beautiful delivery.

The 3-way loudspeaker with a true carbon fiber midrange and woofer makes for a dynamic, organic and authentic sound performance.

The beautiful and sleek cabinets are directly out of the Raidho vision and philosophy: A very rigid constructed does not have to be heavy or ugly. This is beautiful and beneficial for the sound.

The tweeter is a quasi-ribbon tweeter that deliver silky smooth high end and presenting all the details crystal clear at the same time. The Kapton foil with the integrated voice coil has around 50 times less mass than a conventional dome tweeter. The result is a very detailed, yet natural reproduction. The woofers are all made of one piece molded weaved carbon fiber. These are bespoke drivers designed and developed by the Raidho engineering team. The is exactly what is needed to keep up with the very fast ribbon tweeter.

The crossover is built on the same principle as in the world of Raidho. Build for coherence, dynamics and live sound.

All products are designed and built in Denmark, by the same people who builds Raidho loudspeakers. All the drive units are 100% our own design and invention and are not off the shelf parts. The MB series has been built with the same passion and precision as the Raidho loudspeakers.

Pricing (EU Retail including the VAT)
EUR 13.000 in black / EUR 15.000 in walnut