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The Lacrima jewellery collection was designed ten years ago in Bucherer's workshops on Lake Lucerne / Switzerland in recognition of life's most emotional moments.

The new lacrima fine jewellery collection by swiss jeweller Bucherer

With the ten-year anniversary of the Lacrima jewellery collection, Bucherer Fine Jewellery celebrates a major success story. It all began in 2007 with the launch of a classic diamond collection centred on the distinctly feminine pear shape. Over the years, the House of Bucherer has carefully observed changing trends and continued to develop the collection anew, with a series of surprising variations on the pear design.

The result is a rich and vibrant selection of pieces, suitable for any occasion, that has won the hearts of women everywhere. To celebrate this, Bucherer Fine Jewellery has widened the collection to include several enchanting jubilee creations.

The Lacrima collection pear design has become a popular classic

The Lacrima jewellery collection was designed ten years ago in Bucherer’s workshops on Lake Lucerne / Switzerland in recognition of life’s most emotional moments. Today, these exquisite pieces with their feminine pear design are popular with women all over the globe. Bucherer has drawn on its innovative strength, expertise and awareness of developing trends to introduce various gold tones and pearls in the development of its diamond collection. Numerous models have emerged over the years, from exclusive evening jewellery to the Daily Treasures, jewellery for leisure time or office wear, distinguished by timeless elegance and sophistication.

A jubilee collection at the leading edge

To mark the Lacrima collection’s tenth anniversary, Bucherer Fine Jewellery adds a superbly romantic highlight. Inspired by morning dew, pear-shaped white diamonds and South Sea pearls are arranged in rows to resemble glistening dewdrops. A total of 3675 brilliant-cut diamonds and 86 South Sea and Akoya pearls are meticulously blended in a dainty necklace, bracelet and matching earrings designed to flatter any woman. The set testifies to jewellery making at the highest level.

The Modern Princess set in pink gold with pink quartzes and brilliant-cut diamonds exemplifies elegance in its simplest form. The designers drew on the in-vogue blush look and created a series of timeless pieces that go perfectly with any outfit. Another very modern, young and fresh interpretation of the pear design is a set of jubilee earrings in micropavé style. Together with new cocktail rings, the creations enrich and beautifully round off the collection.

The launch of the Lacrima collection was a milestone in the success story of Bucherer Fine Jewellery

Bucherer is a family-owned company and today is one of the leading protagonists in Europe’s jewellery sector, looking back on a long tradition in the manufacture and sale of jewellery. For Bucherer, renowned equally for its rare and precious stones and precision craftsmanship, jewellery is much, much more than a decorative accessory. It is an expression of the wearer’s own, unmistakable personality and an unequivocal statement. And the creations of Bucherer Fine Jewellery are equally unique, radiating a modern yet timeless sense of joie de vivre and accompanying their owners for an entire lifetime.

Apart from its collections, such as Lacrima, High Jewellery and Classics, Bucherer Fine Jewellery offers an international clientele a select Romance collection for true love and a stylish Daily Treasures collection for modern women, both the young and young-at-heart.

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