The ArtyA Trademark is synonymous with highest Quality, Innovation, Creativity and Avant Garde Concepts. All ArtyA Products are created with passion and love exclusively by Yvan Arpa and skill Master Watchmakers with carefully selected best possible existing materials and highest levels in savoir faire.

We were already sculpting and hollowing out movements back in 2009,” explains Yvan Arpa. “For us to move into skeletonization meant doing it our own way, whilst still being affordable. Many brands plunged into pulling off superlative achievements that are sadly well out of the reach of common mortals. We wanted to show that we could offer something unique and creative, with a great story – and without it breaking people’s budgets.”

After the success of the Shams (Sun in Arabic) launched in 2015 with many versions sold out due to the limited editions concept of ArtyA Watch Brand, Yvan Arpa has decided to launch a totally new design of skeleton movement Unitas based.

Son of Gears Edelweiss – The swiss luxury watch

This watch Is a tribute to the iconic flower found in the Swiss Alpine Region and it’s purity. In the 19th Century an alpinist needed unusual daring and courage to acquire an edelweiss flower, during this same period in the swiss army the highest ranks (brigadier general and higher) had badges in the form of the edelweiss flower. At ArtyA we wanted to propose this Emblem to the one ready to get out of their Rut and to wear at their wrist the Symbol of the finest watchmaking and the historic bravery representing it. To propose an interesting alternative a new Tonneau watch case has been created to match perfectly this very nice skeleton movement. As for the Shams or the Star They all have one thing in common – ArtyA’s secret signature on the jumper, a letter “A” formed by the lines of the skeleton itself.

Edition : limited edition 99 pces per color
Price : CHF 5’400.-