If you are looking for the magic of a real fire in a compact and multi-functional object, perfect in any setting and something you can even use in summer, the best idea could be a combined wood-burning range cooker. J.Corradi provides exclusive solutions that combine cooking, heating and design.

Wood-burning ovens have never lost their charm and are making a comeback in homes with a new look, cutting-edge technology and materials, and a very appealing design. J.Corradi wood-burning range cookers are versatile and multi-functional. You can use them to cook and heat at the same time, as well as to enjoy the pleasure of a real fire, even in a confined space or a studio flat. The combined range cookers have a wood-burning part combined with a gas or electric area, keeping the style unchanged. They are perfect for small rooms and can be used all year round.

In the photo, the combined cooker Rustica 120 LGE: in just 120 cm there is everything you wish, a perfect vision of the wood-burning part on the left and, on the right, the gas or electric area, which can be used all year round. It can be installed freestanding as in the photo, or built- in as in the sketch on the right.

The main features of combined range cookers by J.Corradi

Free-standing or built-in to use the space in the best possible way. J.Corradi range cookers can be spectacular free-standing interior design items, or they can be built- in solutions, inserted as part of base and wall units as a separate unit with an Anglo-Saxon, discreetly retro feel. Sizes for a combined range cooker start from 120 cm.

Old and modern cooking for any season. With a J.Corradi range cooker you will be able to rediscover old cooking techniques with the wood- burning oven and cast iron hob, two exceptional tools always within easy reach while the firebox is on. The gas/electric part is ideal for preparing the most modern, complex food and can also be used in summer. It has static or multi-functional ovens and cooking hobs that you can customise with gas burners, a glass ceramic electric hob or an induction hob.

“Green” heating. With a J.Corradi range cooker you can heat the room it is installed in or, with the “thermo” version, your entire home by producing hot water for the radiators or the underfloor heating system. All this can be done by using the most cost-effective and eco-friendly fuel available in nature: wood. The fireboxes are deep and covered with top quality refractory material to ensure maximum control over combustion and to avoid constantly having to load wood.

J.Corradi is also a real choice for design. Four collections to meet any interior design style. There are collections in stainless steel, painted metal, cast iron or with a majolica cladding to better adapt to various furnishing styles – rustic, classic, modern or ultramodern.


J.Corradi is a brand of MCZ Group SPA www.mczgroup.com