The magical furniture for children made by Circu

Circu Magical Furniture works hard, every year, to build one-of-akind projects that will fulfill the dream of little ones. We are very proud to be a part of some magical projects this year and we decided to gather them at a big design party and show them off to you. Get ready to navigate through dreamy rooms and incredible playrooms where magic and fun are the most searched keywords.

Circu continues its mission to bring pieces from out of this world to brighten up 2021 and all of your design projects. And when we talk about the mission we mean NASA style. We moved heavens and earth to bring you this room full of spots to explore and new adventures to come. All you need to do is press Start and come along with us. When we enter the room we are immediately drawn to the sleeping area.

The bedroom designs made by Circu are adventure places for children

With a color palette that ranges between light grey and pastel shades, the cloud bed is the chosen piece that does deliver the sensation of levity and being lost in space and imagination. The stellar rug matches perfectly with the theme of the bedroom as well as the Cloud Bed. It is the ideal piece for the little space adventures who love to look up to the sky every night and count the stars.

This bedroom will not be completed without an outof-this-world playground with Rocky Rocket as the centerpiece. This armchair breaths space and it’s the dream of every little astronaut. The incorporated RGB light also comes with speakers, that can be controlled by a mobile app- or with remote control- and you can create your own “Take off to Space” playlist. A playground is nothing without a study area. How else would your little astronaut learn more about the stars?

Special bedroom furniture for kids

We spend our lives looking for new adventures and challenges. This very special bedroom was inspired by all the adventures our little one has yet to experience and also inspired by nature, more specifically by the Jungle, which is a true force and brings us peace and serenity. This new room is a part of a series that Circu is doing in order to showcase the best kids room design projects and why we are the only brand in the world that can do such magical projects. Inspired by elements from “Jungle Book” and the eternal movie about Mogli, the new room by Circu promises to transform a blank space into a Jungle of Fun with lots of games and activity spaces to boost your little one’s imagination. This Project is the one your clients don’t know they need until they see it. Let’s navigate through nature and climb this tree of dreams. Get ready to get lost and make some cute animal friends on the way.

The range of furniture for children includes beds, lamps, desks and much more …

When a project has a kid’s room on it, it’s always special. There’s more space for creativity and extra storage is a requirement. Children always bring more joy to any home and their room is always a special part of the house for any interior designer. So, may we ask you what’s better than one? Two! This bedroom had double the fun because it was made for twins. The layout of the bedroom is very spacious and was carefully thought out. The cloud collection, more especially the cloud bed, was the chosen piece for bedtime.

With pastel shades and a velvet headboard, the two cloud beds matched perfectly with the Cloud Lamps and graphic floor lamps that added a cooler vibe and bright color to the room. In the same space, still in the bedroom, we have a more lounge and home office area for the twins. The Cloud Sofa and the dream desk were the highlights of this area. It’s perfect for homework hour and playtime.

Dare to Dream Higher

Imagination is a powerful tool, especially when it comes to designing kids’ bedrooms. And that’s the reason why our Fantasy Air Balloon and Sky One Plane are a client’s favorite when it comes to the design of a bedroom that breaths serenity and makes every child feel like they can reach anything, even the sky. These three-bedroom projects were all carefully throughout from the layout of the room until the position of the pieces.

Besides the centerpieces, when we are designing the rooms with our clients the colors also play a big part of the design. To give this sense of levity and serenity, Interior Designers usually choose very neutral colors that can go from a light pink to a soft sky blue. It gives the room a more dreamy look and elegance at the same time. One of the projects with our Sky One Plane was made in New York City.

It’s a Party In the Clouds

This kid’s bedroom was very special to built and to decorate. Kids always have the wildest spirits and the highest of expectations. To allow the dreams to have space, we used our Cloud Collection to build a room where kids free their imagination and feel peaceful and give them almost the sensation of when we look to a clear sky. The sky and the clouds were the main inspiration behind this bedroom project so the color palette was carefully chosen, being the blue and white as well as pink and white the main colors of the mood board.

The wall art is wallpaper by Christian Lacroix and gives us the tropical vibes and a look into the world of Alice in Wonderland. In these two bedrooms, that feature the Cloud Collection, we highlight our cloud bed, a unique cloud-shaped bed that brings not only comfort but it also transforms bedtime stories into an extra special bonding time and peaceful nights.

The Best of Both Worlds

It could be the beginning of a Hannah Montana song but this scenario is a little bit different because you can be whoever you want whenever you want in these very special playrooms. These projects were planned out to be both a playground and a room where your little one could study and learn new things every day. The key pieces for an ideal Play&Learn room are definitely our range of modern desks, more specifically Sky Desk, Dream Desk, and our Bubble Gum Playground that was used in a very special project by Ptang Studio.

It’s very important to have all the storage you can get especially when it comes to play and study rooms: there are too many good fairytales to read every day. In a blink of an eye, your little one will have a library of his/her own thanks to the fun storage of our Sky Bookcase that reminisces traveling and new adventures.