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With its dynamic silhouette, the Magnum series by Faber-Castell sets completely new visual accents.

The luxurious fountain pen made in walnut wood by Faber-Castell

The Graf von Faber-Castell Collection shows its profile – with a new edition in Magnum format that promises one thing above all at first glance: writing comfort at the highest level. With its dynamic silhouette, the Magnum series sets completely new visual accents. And yet, even with this innovation, the Collection remains true to its core competence: the combination of the finest natural materials and elaborate craftsmanship. The barrel of the writing instruments is made of one of the most valuable precious woods – Caucasian walnut.

The deep brown surface is as beautiful as it is timeless. The natural differences in colour and structure of the wood make each writing instrument unique.

Contrasting accents to this special natural material, which radiates pure warmth, are set by the platinum-plated metal parts of the front and end pieces and the solid, spring-loaded clip. The elaborately crafted black cap inlay, which features the count’s coat of arms, also bears witness to meticulous, detailed craftsmanship.

The new fountain pen by Faber-Castell comes with a 18-carat bicolour and magnum sized gold nib

The fountain pen is made for those special moments when you take time to write personal lines. The 18-carat bicolour and magnum sized gold nib, which is manually inscribed, as well as the practical cartridge converter system make it a sovereign companion in functional terms as well. It is available in the six nib widths M, F, EF, B, OM and OB.

Alternatively, the excellent gliding rollerball pen, the ballpoint pen and the mechanical pencil are recommended for luxurious writing comfort. All writing instruments of the Magnum series are presented in an elegant wooden gift box.

Magnum Edition Fountain pen: CHF 1’200
Rollerball: CHF 790
Ballpoint pen / Mechanical pencil: CHF 790