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This console was inspired by the colorful houses that surround the canals in Venice, one of the iconic traits of this beautiful Italian city.

The luxurious console by Nomadous is the perfect antique piece of furniture for home interiors

Tintoretto Console is a fun and playful design piece, perfect to create a happy environment on your entrance hall. With vivid colors and luxurious antique mirror finishes, Tintoretto is the perfect statement piece to add personality to your home.

This console was inspired by the colorful houses that surround the canals in Venice, one of the iconic traits of this beautiful Italian city. The irregular height and bright colors are some of the most characteristic features of those houses, which inspired the shape of Tintoretto Console. This console is an art piece and was named after Jacobo Tintoretto, one of the most notable painters to have ever lived and one of the most famous Venetian artists.

The furniture manufacture Nomadous creates unique art pieces

Nomadous journey began in 2015 in Porto, Portugal. The founders are two portuguese female entrepreneurs, Liliana Silva and Marlene Alves, who are passionate about design and traveling and decided to bring a bit of their passions and trips together to create a unique furniture brand concept. It resulted in Nomadous – The World Through Design, a brand which takes inspiration in the world, its cultures, nature and landmarks, to create unique and exclusive furniture design pieces. The brand’s name is inspired by the love to travel and the discovery of new beautiful details in the world. As cosmopolitan nomads , its team members aim to bring to every home a bit of everything each one have seen during their trips. The name truly reflects the identity of the brand. The combination of the words Nomad and Us were the basis for the name, while the “o” was added to combine those words. As this letter is a circle, the founders believed it was the perfect connection link, as it represents the values of equality and open mind. The first collection was released in early 2016, as a way to interpret the world through unique design pieces of exquisite quality and which evoke strong emotions in design lovers worldwide. Nomadous uses ancient Portuguese handcrafting techniques to manually manufacture unique art pieces, perfect to complement the design of every home.

The luxurious furniture collections of Nomadous are handcrafted in Portugal

Despite being born in Portugal, Nomadous is not fixed in one place because it belongs to the world. A home is a private world, an important part of daily lives, the place people live in plays an important part in who they are and how they feel, and this is why Nomadous strives to provide its clients with the perfect solution to make their house exactly how they dream it to be. The brand’s design pieces are created with the utmost attention to every detail and its team is highly motivated to assist all clients with any needed customization to assure that the products are the perfect fit to achieve, in their home, the ambience of their dreams. Nomadous commits itself to epitomize the world through unique pieces, providing unforgettable experiences to all design lovers.

Nomadous’ collection is handcrafted in Portugal and inspired by different places in the world. The intention is that the collection transcends boundaries. The plan is to firstly keep developing this worldwide collection and in the future to segment it by continent, ethnicity, state, city, village or even streets. This way the organization of the collection will be constantly changing as more and more pieces are added. The world is a never ending source of inspiration, therefore there are no limits to how far the collections can grow.

The brand’s team feels inspired mainly by the trips they have done so far, together or apart. In these trips they have encountered different realities and backgrounds which alone inspired them to create. It’s amazing how a simple conversation with someone can make you rethink the way you see things and life in general; How a sunset in the right location can change your mood for the better; And how experiencing a breathtaking monument can change your perception of beauty. This can definitely be seen in the details of all pieces, the colors, materials, textures and shapes reflect all the brand’s team members have lived so far. In the end, the pieces sum up their life’s histories as well as those of whom they had contact with. Again, the inspiration is as limitless as the beauty of the world.

Regarding the materials and finishes, Portugal has a strong cultural heritage when it comes to wood working so of course the brand takes advantage of that. Of course the inspiration behind the piece plays an important role on what techniques and materials are chosen for it. Wood carving and faceting, marquetry, gilding and high gloss varnishing are the main techniques used, with a modern twist.

In the future, the goal is to explore new materials and finishes while continuing to interpret the different places around the world through exquisite design pieces.