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WINDFALL have created a different kind of crystal strings, in pure clarity and sparkle, without any obstruction of metal parts.

The luxurious chandeliers by Windfall

Situated in nice residential districts alongside the Red Sea, in Jeddah, and signed by renown UDG Design Studio, the TAN and HSO apartments feature Eden, Leaves and Lula Mini contemporary crystal chandeliers by WINDFALL, which add even more magic to the luxurious interior design. In these projects are just some of the countless compositions that can be done thanks to the modularity and the colour choice of the WINDFALL light designs.

TAN Project in Al-Murjan district: music for the eyes, in an enchanted garden.

The client wanted a glamorous experience for her guests, enhancing the elegance of the unique walls and furniture. She was looking for a hint of magic which would add to the formal dining room and on top of the piano and the Eden chandeliers by WINDFALL revealed the perfect fit: the flowers of the branches are beautifully glistening, with their reflections dancing around the room and to whomever entering the villa. When designing the dining room, UDG went for the Leaves chandelier as they wanted a strong dynamic element that nicely complements the feature wallpaper and speaks the same language as the Edens.

HSO Project in Al-Shatea district: elegance and beauty.

While designing the staircase, the client requested for an artistic and timeless lighting fixture as a focal point in the centre of the villa. One that would be seen from all levels of the home. UDG interior designers thought nothing could be a perfect fit more than the look of falling Leaves. And for the dining room, the client wanted something very settled, simple and soft to blend in with the rest of the room so nicely…

Therefore, she fell in love with the Lula Mini chandeliers at first sight.