Kundalini has a strong identity, cosmopolitan style, innovative and sophisticated, with a universal and extremely recognisable language at the same time. Kundalini has a deep knowledge of materials and technologies from which derives an unconventional approach to the project, able to merge the subtle poetry of shape to maximum functionality and handiness. Kundalini has a self-conscious design development culture that transforms the light into objects to love, into an inseparable link between form and function, technique and emotion. Kundalini is a constantly evolving laboratory of ideas, materic experimentation and investigation oh highly creative aesthetic values, to create a furnishing light.

At Euroluce 2017, Kundalini presented projects where the past merges with the future to give live to new signs of light. Each one is an idea. Each one tells a specific creative and technological path, all are coherent with Kundalini’s philosophy. Under the guidance of Stefano Bordone, president and creative director, the company has become an international enterprise of firm reputability in the field of lighting, with a catalogue that ranges from single projects to entire collections both for residential and architectural applications.

The warm light of the Lannà Lamp by Kundalini

KUNDALINI PRESENTS “LANNÀ” Design: Noè Duchaufour Lawrance, 2017
During their most important events, the ancient Lanna Thai population used to release in the sky hundreds of flying lanterns. Lamp Lannà draws inspiration from this particular ritual and from its own objects. Its soft and velvety opal and blown glass diffuser, is suspended in balance inside a metal structure with brass finishing. The warm and embracing light gives an extremely elegant and refined atmosphere to the environments. When the lamps are hanging in multiple compositions, they remind the spectator the magical nights full of stars, illuminated by flying lanterns, that float gracefully and ethereally. The Lannà lamp family is available in table and suspension version.


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The Lannà lamp family is available in table and suspension version.