The iconic luxury watches by Bulgari

2018 once again showcases Bulgari’s abundant creativity expressed through its emblematic collections and its unmistakable icons. Divas’ Dream, the epitome of refined elegance, pushes the limits of artistic crafts in association with horological complications; while the snake theme, symbolising eternal renewal, reveals its constant inventiveness and its multiple facets as it coils around the wrist.

The Octo line proves just as powerful in terms of interpretations, with its aesthetic potential offering countless possibilities for playing with various materials and contents in order to confirm its stature as a supremely contemporary watch.

Diva’s dream minute repeater jewellery sophistication meets the ultimate watchmaking complication

Synonymous with horological mastery and adorned with a gold-spangled Urushi lacquered dial, this creation magnificently highlights artistic mastery, as too does the Divas’ Dream Tourbillon Phoenix.

Bulgari has always sought to magnify women and now adorns them with its most splendid watchmaking gem: the world’s thinnest repeater – a first in the realm of the greatest complication of all that is generally more coveted by men. The Divas’ Dream jewellery watch now chimes a crystal-clear melody to express the passing of time in the most sophisticated possible manner. Sensual, romantic and resolutely Roman, Divas’ Dream naturally evokes its roots in the Eternal City: its elegance recalls its proud heritage in the jewellery expertise of Bulgari, whose origins endow its approach with unique legitimacy. With this creation, however, the Maison is offering an authentically new watch in the sphere of feminine luxury watchmaking. Blending the essence of jewellery with the ultimate horological complication is a bold step that Bulgari has taken without hesitation. The result is on a par with the mastery acquired by the Maison in its two chosen fields.

Divas’ Dream Minute repeater

Divas’ Dream Minute Repeater is a perfect expression of this dual savoir-faire. Infinitely more than just a timepiece equipped with the most complex of all complications, the watch asserts at first glance the elegant jewellery personality exuded by the Divas’ Dream collection. A slender 18kt pink gold case flowing into voluptuous flared lugs, all enhanced by a brilliant-cut diamond setting; an 18kt pink gold crown set with a facetted diamond. The deep brown gold-specked Urushi lacquer dial, crafted in harmony with the finest Japanese artisanal traditions, also proclaims the Maison’s roots in the most refined handcrafted skills.

Until now, this watch has been part of a collection that has consistently displayed its potential for countless variations on the theme of artistic crafts and elegance. A closer look, however, reveals that this particular model is graced with a new element not seen on previous versions. Nestling on the side of the case is a reminder of the fan motif, also set with diamonds and offering a subtle indication that this Divas’ Dream has a new story to tell.

The story of a jewellery creation hosting the ultimate horological complication: the Minute Repeater. This unexpected and exquisitely feminine symbiosis is embodied by a tiny 18kt pink gold and diamond petal serving to slide the striking mechanism. While fitted with hands displaying the time, the model will also chime the hours, quarters and minutes thanks to its dainty Manufacture Bulgari Finissimo movement, the thinnest in the world. It enables the Divas’ Dream Minute Repeater to maintain a 37mm diameter entirely suited to this jewellery exuding finesse in every detail.

Jewellery radiance, supreme complexity, masterful artistry… A tuneful array of rare qualities for a creation that is equally uncommon, since the Divas’ Dream Minute Repeater will be issued in an exclusive five-piece limited edition.

Divas’ Dream Tourbillon – The Phoenix takes flight

A legendary crimson red bird, reborn after being consumed by flames… The Phoenix symbolises the cycles of death and resurrection while epitomising timeless nobility. The brightly coloured feathers of the motif adorning the new Divas’ Dreams by Bulgari surrounds a fascinating tourbillon mechanism. Divas’ Dreams draws inspiration from the permanent of the beauty of Rome, and in particular from the motif adorning the mosaics of the Caracalla thermal baths. Reinterpreted in an extremely modern manner, to the point of becoming a Bulgari emblem, this geometric yet flowing petal-shaped pattern perfectly matches the round case of the watch, imbuing it with a sensuality naturally evoking the muses that continue to inspire the Maison.

Divas’ Dreams Phoenix embodies the quintessence of this line. Its elegant case surrounds a watch mechanism every bit as slim and delicate as the partially openworked and entirely hand-painted dial intricately depicting the phoenix alongside the ardent flames. Applying the colours calls for three full days of meticulous craftsmanship. Its vivid, flamboyant colours – ranging from red to orangey to yellow in subtly graded shades – make a delightful contrast with a scattering of blue accents. The legendary bird also appears around the inner rim of the slim 18kt pink gold case topped by a diamond-set bezel. It literally rests on the tourbillon mechanism, whose perpetual motion is entirely visible.

This splendid creation with its refined blend of artistic crafts is issued in a strictly limited 50-piece edition.

Bulgari’s iconic snake sheds its skin with incomparably flowing sensuality

The symbol of the serpent has been a source of fascination since time immemorial. Bulgari has made the snake its signature since the 1940s, while preserving its iconic and multi-facetted power. For more than seven decades, Serpenti has shed its skin in countless different ways, the better to wrap itself around the wrist of the greatest female icons. The 2018 creations are faithful to the spirit guiding this distinctive reptile, whether coiling around the wrist on a leather strap, a ceramic bracelet, dainty gold chains or a finely wrought jewellery structure. Woman and Serpenti, a story of destinies inextricably entwined.

Serpenti tubogas

This year Bulgari is introducing a Tubogas version combining the three classic gold colours: white, pink and yellow. An eagerly anticipated comeback for an interpretation offering a contemporary take on the tricolour creations introduced in the 1960s. The latter confirmed the snake as the cult theme of the Maison, with Tubogas as the House signature. Serpenti has continued to nurture desire ever since. Among the headline models of the era were the famous Tubogas creations combining the precious colour contrasts of gold.

Three colours of gold for Tubogas

This colour combination calls for specific expertise in order to unite the various shades without any sense of aesthetic rupture or discordance. While the 1960s and 1970s models often featured juxtaposed colours, Bulgari is innovating in 2018 with a new version merging the three types of gold into a subtly graded and appealing ensemble, accentuated by the light effects playing across the front and back of the Tubogas bracelet.

The watch, shaped like a snake head, is in pink gold. Its outline is accentuated by a setting of 38 diamonds and its winding crown is adorned with a cabochon-cut pink rubellite. The dial is elegantly attired with a black opaline base graced with a subtle guilloché motif and enhanced by pink gold hour-markers.

This refined creation is a reminder that strong creative roots know no temporal boundaries. Right from the introduction of its first modern watch models, Bulgari chose to associate its timepieces with the theme of the snake, which remains as powerful and multiple as it was seven decades ago – as confirmed by the two pink gold single or double tour Serpenti Tubogas models topped by an opaline silver-toned dial framed by a bezel set with brilliant-cut diamonds.

Serpenti twist your time – A story of skin or gold

A symbol of perpetual renewal, the possible variations and interpretations of the name are truly boundless. If the new Serpenti were another watch, which would it be? Answer: a Serpenti! In this Twist version, the watch slips into new ever-changing and supremely personalised ‘skins’ with a wealth of sensual, joyful and colourful leather straps for daily wear; or with a bracelet composed of several dainty pink gold chains, flowing supply around the wrist and enabling the ‘reptile’ watch to express its jewellery transformation.

Four new variations of this playful, unique and multiple watch enliven the season. The first new feature takes the form of four-tour straps for two of the models. The incredibly refined and sensual quadruple wrap around the wrist is achieved by deliciously supple leather straps in vivid shades of indigo-topaz blue and wisteria jade, both with shimmering metal accents. These contemporary hues radiate an impertinent sense of chic eagerly adopted by fashion designers, especially in Italy.

However, the ultimate colour of the Italian jewellery is naturally that of gold, as the new Serpenti Twist models admirably demonstrate. While subtly diverting the classic design codes embedded in its DNA, the age-old snake tamed by Bulgari wraps itself around the wrist with a double tour golden strap adorned with an antique bronze patina. And since these bands are all interchangeable, enabling the Serpenti to be personalised at will, the watch can change its skin yet again. A dainty chain bracelet, with supple articulated links featuring an unusual design, makes it unmistakable precious in the twinkling of an eye. The chain bracelet can be replaced by the coloured leather strap and vice-versa, thereby rendering the Serpenti infinitely playful and customisable.

And to further facilitate personalisation, the customer can choose the elements composing her Serpenti Twist on the My Serpenti app developed by the Maison. Available from selected Bulgari Boutiques, it enables the enthusiast to literally put together “her” personal Serpenti via this app installed on her tablet: choosing the case, dial, potential gemsetting, as well as the strap or bracelet. She will also be able to have the case-back engraved as desired.

Serpenti spiga ceramic – Technological and precious materials

The polymorphous Serpenti sets the pace for the dance of joyful and precious hours. After gold colours and colourful leathers, the theme demonstrates its strength by playing with an unexpected combination mingling technological and precious materials. White or black, featuring pink gold inserts, Serpenti Spiga coils twice around the wrist as supply as its metal or leather counterparts – forming a natural extension of the case also set with pink gold and framing a black or white lacquered dial – while asserting a resolutely contemporary tone. And Spiga also takes its bold approach to unprecedented heights by insolently twining a five tour black ceramic bracelet with 18kt pink gold and diamond accents around the forearm!

Serpenti misteriosi high jewellery – Jewellery craftsmanship pushed to the limits

Nonetheless, the symbol can also be entirely renewed and take on an appearance pushing the boundaries of jewellery-making feasibility. Serpenti Misteriosi, a stunning one-of-a-kind creation in white gold, is a “secret” wristwatch featuring the first ever double-headed snake design – a tribute to the dangerous beauty of the Maison’s signature creature. Feminine and joyful in its sensual details, the first head is topped by a floral motif composed of a two-carat round facetted emerald surrounded by nine marquise-cut diamonds. It opens to reveal the dial. This artistic High Jewellery masterpiece called for a full six months of work.
Octo, Today’s benchmark

Right from the time of its introduction in 2012, Octo by Bulgari renewed the approach to watchmaking by bringing a modern and contemporary vision. Inspired by the architectural harmony of antiquity, its facetted case propelled watch design firmly into the millennium. Whatever its interpretations, Octo is today’s benchmark. In 2018, Bulgari is magnifying its fundamentals and reworking them in a technical material: titanium. Offered in three-hand or chronograph versions, these two founding timepieces of the Octo lineage launched in 2012 are back in the spotlight with a new exterior that enhances both their character and their strength. They are joining new executions of the Roma variation with its particularly pure contours.

Since 2012, the Octo model has held a place of its own. Its daring design plays with geometry and light. Fully mastered volumes, complex lines and 110 facets achieve the tour de force of embodying both simplicity and a modern vision of elegance. Born as a three-hand watch, Octo was soon interpreted in versions forming a complete family. Some versions hold records in their category, notably in terms of extreme thinness. In parallel, the chronograph has also been drawing attention among devotees of sophisticated watches since its launch in 2014.

Titanium for Octo L’Originale

These two timepieces representing the origins of the line appear this year in a new and eminently contemporary exterior. Titanium is a technical material greatly prized in watchmaking, as well as in industry as a whole, due to its numerous qualities, including thermal, mechanical and corrosion resistance. Historically, aeronautics and the aerospace industry were the first to use titanium. It goes into the making of most aircraft in the form of forged parts. While military equipment manufacturers see it as an essential component of modern armour-plating, medicine and surgery have leveraged its salutary potential in developing artificial limbs, joints and implants. Lightness is one of its key virtues. Titanium boasts a density 40% lower than that of steel, combined with excellent resistance to mechanical stress, fire and corrosion. Better still, titanium is biocompatible, as are gold and platinum.

The case and dial of the two reference watches in the Octo line are made from this metal. The three-hand version is equipped with a mechanical self-winding movement, Calibre BVL 191 Solotempo, driving the hours, minutes, seconds and date functions. It has a 42-hour power reserve. The chronograph is powered by the high-frequency mechanical self-winding BVL 328 Velocissimo movement. This column-wheel chronograph with a silicon escapement has a 50-hour power reserve.

Octo Roma, The quintessence of style

In another vein and yet clearly part of the same heritage, Octo Roma enables style to take on substance. Formal design is not a theoretical exercise in spatial geometry. On the contrary, the Bulgari approach is as practical as it is contemporary. It dedicates its mastery of volumes and proportions to serving creativity and aesthetic expression: Octo Roma embodies the quintessence of style.

Bulgari is presenting three new references. The first flaunts its elegance devoid of any superfluous elements on a sunburst anthracite dial framed by a steel case. It is fitted with a black alligator leather strap secured by a steel pin buckle. The second heightens its presence by teaming the steel case with a matching articulated-link bracelet. The finishing details and the contrasts between the polished and satin-brushed elements instils luminous touches accentuated by its extremely luminous sunburst blue dial.

The third version, unsurprisingly for a Maison with jewellery-making origins, showcases gold, reinforced by the black touch typical of Italian contemporary design. Octo Roma is also available with a steel case featuring a pink gold bezel and winding-crown, while the two-tone bracelet combines gold and steel.

Pleasing proportions and a high-performing calibre

The three new versions maintain the beautifully balanced proportions defined by Bulgari. The 58-facet case combining watchmaking’s typical round and square shapes is structurally complex yet aesthetically simple. The integrated lugs create a pleasingly taut overall design while contributing to the extremely pure overall aesthetic. The 41mm diameter is wide enough to make the dial with its applied hour-markers and openworked hands perfectly legible, while maintaining a distinct sense of moderation.

Watchmaking seduction naturally also encompasses a passion for mechanics. Bulgari responds to this by treating its Octo Roma watch to a Manufacture mechanical self-winding movement, Calibre BVL 191 Solotempo. It has a 42-hour power reserve, notably ensured by the efficiency of its ceramic components and its frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. Its refined finishing, drawing upon the finest Swiss skills such as chamfering and Côtes de Genève, is entirely in keeping with watchmaking traditions.

Its generosity and the craftsmanship it embodies make Octo Roma an instinctive favourite: 100% Swiss as well as 100% Italian, it is 200% a watch of passion.

Octo tourbillon sapphire: Transparency, glowing in BLACK

It is resolutely time for transparency. This philosophy of light has led Bulgari to explore a new dimension, expressed through the Octo Tourbillon Sapphire which exalts the quest for balance and beauty in this stunning black version in DLC-coated titanium contrasting with blue.

This watch offers a new interpretation of the formal purity of the octagon. This geometrical figure, conveying a wealth of cultural and spiritual symbolism, has been regarded as a source of perfection since time immemorial, through antiquity and the Renaissance. Following on from diverse formal variations on the Octo theme, it reinvents itself in this new case with its modern, urban proportions.

Bulgari makes no distinction between form and substance. The task of modelling shapes and seeking aesthetic balance is not gratuitous, but instead consistently intended to match functionality. The formal purity of this outstanding watch is now dedicated to a new horological vision: allowing light to pour in so as to magnify the beauty of the movement, imbued with an innovative, modernistic approach.

Through its dial and its transparent caseback, this spectacular 44mm-diameter timepiece crafted in titanium DLC-black coated (Diamond Like Carbon) offers connoisseurs a visual immersion into the system itself. The mechanical manual-winding flying tourbillon movement, Calibre BVL 206, is staged at the heart of the watch and features 11 DLC-coated bridges adorned with blue bars made of ITR2 – a unique composite material laden with carbon nanotube particles and endowed with metal-like hardness – and SLN, a high-tech luminescent material. The bridges are used as hour-markers, thereby serving both to support the movement and as functional elements in reading off the hours and minutes. The time-setting operations of the Octo Tourbillon Sapphire stem from a sophisticated development process. One press on the crown reveals a red dot in the micro-aperture at 3 o’clock, signalling that the time may be set simply by rotating the crown. Once the operation is complete, a further press causes the dot to vanish and locks the time-setting mechanism. With Octo Tourbillon Sapphire, Bulgari continues to provide its eminently personal definition of horological excellence. A definition that is all about transparency.