The high-performance loudspeakers designed by Eclipse

ECLIPSE, the high-performance loudspeaker division within Fujitsu Ten, the multi-billion-dollar global technology giant, has joined forces with leading British A/V retailer Richer Sounds making the iconic TD508MK3 accessible across its store network. The collaboration has made it even easier to experience ECLIPSE’s legendary TD508MK3 loudspeaker (£960) with selected stores in the group, Southampton, Weybridge and Chelsea, holding demonstration samples available for audition.

There are three further ways to order the TD508MK3: from any store within Richer Sounds’ 53-strong nationwide retail network, online at or via the company’s dedicated telesales centre on 0333 900 0093. The partnership with Richer Sounds enables more music lovers to enjoy the benefits of ECLIPSE’s unique ‘accurate sound’ approach to loudspeaker design and experience the company’s proprietary Time Domain (TD) and waveform reproduction technologies.

About the TD508MK3 loudspeaker

Built to fully exploit today’s high-resolution audio, the compact TD508MK3 is the perfect introduction to ECLIPSE’s unique approach to loudspeaker design. Based upon a custom full-range 8cm fibreglass drive unit, the TD508MK3 delivers ECLIPSE’s famous ‘accurate sound’ using a number of unique waveform-reproduction technologies. These include the famous egg-shaped form, vibration-eliminating enclosure, plus crucial internal design elements, such as the sophisticated diffusion stay and mass anchor. The stand-mount TD508MK3 can be fixed to ceilings and walls with the CB1 bracket (sold separately) and a dedicated set of speaker stands are also available for a supplement.

Price and availability

The TD508MK3 is available now priced at £960; dedicated stands add £516. Available finishes: black, white and silver.


With extraordinary R&D resources at its disposal, ECLIPSE has crafted a visually stunning range of uncompromising loudspeakers, including desktop, home cinema and subwoofer models, which have been delighting studio engineers, musicians and music and movie lovers since 2001. Compared to conventional loudspeakers, which focus on reproducing a flat and wide frequency response, ECLIPSE speakers focus on the accurate reproduction of the sound waveform. This means the emphasis is not just limited to tone and rhythm, but the dynamic transients that are essential for expressing musicians’ skill and creativity. ECLIPSE technology makes every TD series loudspeaker sound unimaginably lifelike, with incredible accuracy, expression and effortless delivery. Everything about the TD series’ design, from the use of single full-range drivers to egg-shaped cabinets, has been skilfully implemented by ECLIPSE engineers who understand that accurate sound waveform performance is achieved by engineering-out all the factors that compromise conventional boxy loudspeakers. Put simply, the ECLIPSE TD series lets you listen to the music, not the loudspeaker.