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The Grand Ecart table is a timeless classic designed by architect Jean Nouvel

“The Grand Ecart table integrates the object’s minimalism with the unexpected hostile chaos.” These are the words of architect Jean Nouvel, the designer of the Grand Ecart table, who wanted to create an object that, in its linearity and simplicity of shape, could guarantee maximum functionality and aesthetics. This is a classic 2008 that came back to the catalogue in 2017 featuring aesthetic rigor that hides an innovative stretch mechanism.

Grand Ecart is a collection of tables available both in fixed and extensible versions. The extensible version is made up of two elements, one fixed and one movable, which slide out from the other, allowing you to reach the desired length while at the same time ensuring maximum sitting comfort thanks to the perimeter legs.

It is entirely made of varnished aluminum and metal in four different finishes: matt white, matt red, matt grey and matt black.