A year ago, LaCividina celebrated its 40th anniversary. Now it is underlining its well-established style, which combines substance and elegance. As well as putting together comprehensive projects like the one developed with Antonio Rodriguez, it is capable of presenting fresh takes on classic seats while staying true to their roots and philosophy, as demonstrated by a reworked Pierre Paulin design.

LaCividina will be a leading exponent of genuine Italian products at Milan 2017 thanks to the exceptionally high quality Italian production chain that it has espoused with one goal: manufacturing intelligently and creatively, by drawing on the priceless heritage of manual crafts while being able to rely on the right production capacity and services to compete on a global scale.

VELOUR, modular seating range – Designed by Antonio Rodriguez for LaCividina

Velour is a new modular seating range designed by Antonio Rodriguez for LaCividina. It offers a new, comprehensive response to a number of needs: from the contract to the residential market and from modules for busy areas to armchairs that combine comfort and privacy. It also features a ground-breaking new backrest throughout the collection: highly flexible and less than 5 cm thick, it is produced in a special process that makes the seat incredibly comfortable.
The shapes in the solid yet extremely comfortable Velour collection are full but light at the same time. The range consists of 57 items including chairs, armchairs and sofas, which can be combined in countless ways. The solid wood frame, elastic seat webbing and memory foam padding of varying densities come together with the perfect depth and the flexible backrest structure to offer total comfort. There is a choice of fabric and leather upholstery.

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For the updated Dos à Dos Louvre, LaCividina followed the original design and used typical 1970s manufacturing techniques.

DOS À DOS LOUVRE – Designed by Pierre Paulin in 1967, reworked by LaCividina in 2017

In 1967, Pierre Paulin created the original design of this unusual seat for the Louvre museum, where it can still be found today. 50 years later, LaCividina has presented a fresh take on the Dos à Dos Louvre concept. As a work of art and design, it is just as intense as the original. It is ideal for catering to the many needs of the contract market, but it also makes a perfect addition to smaller residential settings with its blend of practicality and visual appeal. It is a timeless seating solution thanks to the simple, effective design and the functional, stylish curves. For the updated Dos à Dos Louvre, LaCividina followed the original design and used typical 1970s manufacturing techniques. For example, elastic seat webbing in conjunction with memory foam padding of varying densities gives compactness and flexibility. It is only light in aesthetic terms, because the seat has a metal core that makes it suitable for even very heavy use. The covers are available in stretch material and other fabrics, as specified in the data sheet. Dos à Dos Louvre is shaped around the curves of the body. The seats can be used individually or lined up in limitless numbers to form benches.

About LaCividina

LaCividina is a company based in Martignacco, in the province of Udine. It designs and makes upholstered seating for the contract and residential markets. The company is run by the sole director Fulvio Bulfoni. It was founded in 1976 as a craft business whose main aim was to supply high-quality seating and furnishing products. LaCividina is now one of the leading names in its field both in Italy and on a global scale. It has earned important supply contracts for a wide range of clients, including hotels, corporations, private homes, design firms and ship companies, all of which now bear witness to the outstanding quality offered by the company. Behind every LaCividina creation is a painstaking development process that hones and enhances products in every stage, from design to manufacturing. One of its strengths is the vast professional expertise of its designers. With their support, it conceives a range of furnishing products to suit the needs of its clients and the intended locations. LaCividina’s projects are developed using not only creativity and design but also careful studies that aim for balance between aesthetic taste and ergonomic functionality in the choice of shapes, colours and materials.