Today at Desalto we breathe and feel the change: matter becomes a tale, in a fluid transformation through the various physical states – such is the alchemy of the new identity of a brand that renews its corporate identity. Matter becomes decor in the new products 2017, such as PLY chair created for the company by Pocci + Dondoli, designed in order to prove that the cultural and technological revolution is slowly changing the world we live in and that the scope of design is to detect and simplify the process of adapting to this new world.

In Ply, the “stratification” of design experience synthesizes into a pure graphic mark all the functionality of a desirable and futuristic object. A new design classic, made unique by its details and quality finishes, manufactured with plain materials such as polypropylene and a tapered triangular steel profile.

The lounge chair by Desalto explores the world of optical illusions

Marco Acerbis renews his cooperation with Desalto by creating MIR mirror which involves two different aspects: the visual one linked to the slightly mystical balance between the mirror plane and the empty volume given by the coloured box, and the functional one given by the frame that encloses the mirror itself, turning the edge into a highly flexible shelving unit. It has been designed to enable it to be wall-mounted on each side, generating different compositions.

The Twister small table, instead, has been designed by Arik Levy: it plays with the idea of an optical illusion and perpetual dynamics, expressing deeply the feeling of torsion and continuity. The lounge chair Path also explores the world of optical illusions and the hypnotic appearance of shapes, with an overlapping of lines and surfaces that gifts it with balance and stability. Still, the same designer has created Endless stool which, as the name discloses, is designed with one single line that moving throughout space becomes nearly virtual, in an endless design, a perfect expression of infinity. The structure holds a slightly curved seat that can be lacquered or veneered.

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Marco Acerbis renews his cooperation with Desalto by creating MIR mirror.