The dainty jewellery models in white or rose gold by Chopard

Moving diamonds and hearts: when two House signature elements meet, the result is bound to be delightfully harmonious. A motif deeply cherished by Caroline Scheufele, the heart is a key symbol of Chopard. It has naturally found its place within the Happy Diamonds collection to become a full-fledged line of its own: Happy Hearts. This year, it is enriched with two versions – in diamonds and malachite or diamonds and tiger eye, for an even more precious contribution to the collection.

Happy Hearts, the dainty jewellery models in white or rose gold, are adorned with wide hearts, either cut-out or set with brightly coloured stones mingled with tiny hearts enclosed with moving diamonds. The suppleness of these creations combined with the mobility of the diamonds result in a singularly chic and exquisitely feminine line.

Malachite, tiger eye and diamonds for a precious variation

Some even more sophisticated and precious versions now enliven the Happy Hearts collections. The cut-out hearts make way for gold hearts set with diamonds, which engage in a bright and lively dialogue with hearts incrusted with malachite or tiger eye. Thus, for the very first time, the jewellery creations are not only built around hearts set with a coloured stone and fitted with moving diamonds, but delicately alternate between moving diamonds, diamond hearts and hearts set with fine stones. The result is an even more appealing combination particularly rich with diamonds, and powerfully highlighting the glowing green and bronze streaks of malachite and tiger eye.

The 18ct rose gold collection features a bangle bracelet, a spherical ring alternating between malachite or tiger eye, diamonds and moving diamonds, as well as a pair of earrings and an elegant sautoir necklace.

chopard jewellery models precious gold rings earrings bracelets

A motif deeply cherished by Caroline Scheufele, the heart is a key symbol of Chopard.