The Ademar collection by Bros has been designed by Giulio Iacchetti. Its name, from the Lombard-language “great for the nobility,” suggests a collection of important tables, with generous size, which can comfortably accommodate up to eight people, based on the theme of conviviality.

The ellipsoidal or circular plan enables all the people gathered around it to be able to look their guests in the eyes and talk in a participatory way.
Four deep bevels characterize the lower surface of the floor: this leads to a thinner profile with variable height, which makes it difficult to guess its real thickness. The legs, made of solid oak or walnut, support the top according to a logic of organic and perfect continuity planning.

Available in different sizes – 2800 x 1300 mm, 2200 x 1200 mm and 1400 mm in its circular version – ADEMAR is available in the version with marble, oak, walnut and heat-treated oak top.
The collection of tables is completed by a series of coffee tables with same characteristics.