The Chaise Longue designed by Ritzwell

Ever since its launch on the market in 2014, the LIGHT FIELD series has deserved its status as the best seller of the Ritzwell collection. For the 2017 Milan Furniture Fair, a new chaise longue will be added to the series, a product that naturally follows in the footstep of the sofas. The pursuit of comfort is key, a concept which has always guided the company’s choices, making the Ritzwell collection appreciated worldwide.

The medium seat depth (D 1550) provides enough room to sit and comfortably stretch your legs, while the large seat depth (D 1850) makes it possible to enjoy full relaxation. But, it’s the M 1200 model, with its truly exceptional width, that best expresses LIGHT FIELD’s philosophy “taking a seat is taking a break”. It was designed to reflect people’s desire for beauty and comfort. Its upholstery, with pleasing soft lines, is truly comfortable and durable thanks to Ritzwell’s scrupulous search for high quality materials, such as the leather for the frame and the soft-touch textiles for the cushions. The idea behind the design is to get the best from each material and imbuing it with an overall sense of harmony and sinergy, a quality intrinsic to the ancient tradition of Japanese handicraft and its unyielding attention to details.