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“Everyday Inspiration” is the over-arching theme for CALIDA's AW 17 collection.

The Calida women’s and men’s autumn winter 2017 collection

From Switzerland into the wider world: the AW 17 Collection will mark the launch of a new, modern and more international identity for the CALIDA brand. At the heart of the brand’s new image are CALIDA’s roots in Switzerland. “Swissness” as a global symbol for quality will be translated into a new slogan that guarantees global understanding while speaking to the audience’s emotions: “BORN IN SWITZERLAND”. The slogan is made even more dynamic by pairing it with core attributes of the CALIDA brand such as FREEDOM, COOLNESS, GREATNESS and HAPPINESS. To coincide with this change, the current logo for the Daily Functionwearwear range will now incorporate a stylish white cross on a yellow background.

This new direction is also reflected in a new, stripped-back and editorial style of the visual concept and language for campaigns. Expressive faces and close-up shots of the collection’s highlights on models have a modern, fresh and sensual effect. The slight desaturation of the colours emphasises the clean and contemporary look.

The packaging design has also undergone a makeover. The changes will start with the new men’s Daily Functionwearwear line, which has been expanded to incorporate a range of functional sleepwear and forms the core of the new men’s collection. For this line, CALIDA has invested in premium cardboard packaging featuring prints from the new campaign. Heavily cropped close-up action shots have a dynamic effect and make a subtle allusion to the range’s functional quality.

Inspirations for the collection

“Everyday Inspiration” is the over-arching theme for CALIDA’s AW 17 collection. Based on Coco Chanel’s belief that “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”, the concept is all about embracing your own style – with confidence and joy and without compromises. As part of this theme, CALIDA provides its own form of inspiration, showing that tradition, innovation, quality and a good eye for trends are the perfect combination. The outcome is a much more modern and stripped-back collection that complements the brand’s new image perfectly.

Women: Seasonal concepts richness of nature

For the launch of the AW 17 season, CALIDA has taken inspiration from the palette of late summer colours. Vintage pastel tones such as porcelain blue and rosé and autumnal tones like red, coral and turquoise are combined with neutral shades such as soft grey, smoke blue and feminine mauves. The highlight of this theme is the various shades of green, which emphasise the natural radiance of the hand-printed floral patterns. Intricate rose prints paired with clean stripes and checks create a modern, yet elegant look.

Casual refinement

Softer colours signal the start of the cold winter months. The casual line’s classic colour palette of blue and grey is combined with soft tones such as powder and rosé. Meanwhile, taupe is making a comeback. When combined with blue and cream, this creates a sense of elegance and harmony. Floral and pinstripe designs and a mixture of structures and materials bring an added nuance to the understated selection of colours.

Filled with wonders

The Christmas 2017 collection is all about enjoying the magic of the festive season, which is full of luxury and romance. Jewelled tones such as garnet, ruby, sapphire and emerald glitter and sparkle. They are complemented by subtle tones such as taupe, cream and powder. The collection also includes luxurious materials such as silk, cashmere and Merino virgin wool, along with soft lace and chic embroidery for a glamorous overall effect.


For its men’s collection, CALIDA is shining the spotlight on masculine nonchalance: blue tones, various shades of grey and onyx are the dominant colours used in subtle harmony with one another. Meanwhile, deep shades of red, a warm bronze and a light sky blue offer delicate accents. As in the casual wear line, solid colours play an important role: the high- quality materials feature smooth surfaces, a slight shimmering effect and subtle structures to enhance the lustrous colours. Masculine checks, stripes and tie patterns unite the seasonal colours, enabling the collection to be combined with all on-trend items and the CALIDA Basics.

Best service for best quality

All products are designed to match in style and colour, making them perfect for mixing and matching. As a result, the collection can be presented with maximum appeal throughout the season. Consecutive delivery dates every two weeks for women and every four weeks for men provide new incentives to buy at regular intervals, while still maintaining a harmonious overall style. Attractive POS packages and specials complete the CALIDA range.

CALIDA – Born in Switzerland

Top Swiss quality, superb craftsmanship and absolute comfort have been CALIDA’s distinguishing characteristics for more than 75 years. CALIDA is dedicated to producing sustainable products that fit perfectly, are a pleasure to wear and can be mixed and matched to suit the customer’s individual style. All our products are developed in Sursee, Switzerland. Our range includes daywear, sleepwear, loungewear and swimwear in all the latest styles and classic designs.