MURANTI is a brand that reflects a way of living. We create an equilibrium between the mind and the heart, in way to bring the essence of a sanctuary, away from the stressful modern living modes, to any interior decoration. This is why MURANTI is such a peaceful answer between the joy of colors and mixed materials and the smooth and simple shapes that the pieces presents.

Without even saying a word, colors have a powerful subconscious effect on every part of our lives, they have the ability to make us feel several and exciting emotions. We find our inspiration on those thrills, using the spectacular tones of gemstones, crystals and rocks to create our collection. Each stone is unique by their special color, texture and radiance, such as our products. By choosing MURANTI, you will get more than a design piece, you will experience matchless sensations in perfect harmony with your spaces, that suits your personality, just like you deserve. The name of our brand is itself a mystery as well as the more precious stones hidden in the most rare places of our planet, where almost no one has access, making them rare and desirable, just like our brand is.

muranti furniture brand interior design decoration

MURANTI is a brand that reflects a way of living.