The Uk armchair was inspired in the famous Chesterfield sofa. It is said that these sofas, leather settees with a distinctive deep buttoned, quilted leather upholstery and seat low base, were designed in the Uk in the early eighteenth century. Bessa redesigned this icon of the world design and created a unique chesterfield.

The Uk armchair appears to be levitating. This refreshing look comes from the exquisite brass tube foot. The upholstery of this furniture piece consists in synthetic fur with a soft and warm touch. This is an innovative concept that distinguishes the Uk armchair from all the other Chesterfields in the world. The originality of the Uk sofa is in the innovative details while remaining familiar to the original design.

This is another piece that brings back passionate memories!

Materials: Synthetic fur, brass pipe + varnish antioxidant.
Height: 81cm | 31,8″ Width: 120cm | 47,2″ Depth: 103cm | 40,5″

All BESSA ́s pieces can be customized upon request.