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The flagship 1:5 scale model headlines a varied collection of Ferrari F1-75 models offered by Amalgam Collection.

The 1:5 scale model of the Ferrari F1 2022 made by Amalgam Collection

The world’s leading automotive model creators at Amalgam Collection have unveiled photographs of their big and very beautiful 1:5 scale model of Ferrari’s 2022 F1 contender, the F1-75. This huge scale model is offered alongside their reference level replicas at 1:8 and 1:18.

Each of these flagship models measures in excess of 1.12 metres (43 inches) long, and is a perfect replica of the car raced to victory by Charles Leclerc in the Bahrain Grand Prix on the 20th of March 2022. The 1:5 scale replica precisely captures the sleek bodywork and new aerodynamic complexities required by the radical new regulations starting in 2022.

Sandy Copeman, Brand Director at Amalgam, said: “Following detailed scrutiny by the engineering and design teams at Scuderia Ferrari, our first completed prototype model received unanimous praise and approval.” Delivery of the models is scheduled towards the middle of the year, and 40 models of the strictly limited 50-piece edition have already been delivered to a significant partner of Amalgam. Clients wishing to secure one of the 7 remaining models are encouraged to register their interest as soon as possible.

The flagship 1:5 scale model headlines a varied collection of Ferrari F1-75 models offered by Amalgam Collection

This edition of very large-scale models was developed primarily to meet the requirements of the Scuderia Ferrari Team and their official partners and sponsors. The models celebrate Ferrari’s win in Bahrain, their first win and 1-2 finish since the 2019 Singapore Grand Prix, breaking a 45-race win-less streak. Ferrari’s four victories in Bahrain, Australia, Great Britain and Austria, as well as a further 16 podiums throughout the year’s 22 races, marked an extremely strong resurgence for the team in comparison to the 2021 season.

The F1-75 scored an impressive 554 points, 230.5 more than the previous year, earning second position in the Constructors’ Championship, runners-up to the dominant Red Bull team. The team also claimed 12 pole positions and 5 fastest laps, Leclerc finished the season second in the Drivers’ Championship with 308 points, whilst Sainz earned fifth position with 246 points. Copeman continues: “In the hands of Charles and Carlos, the F1-75 brought joy back to the Tifosi after a couple of seasons of self-confessed underperformance. It’s a joy to see Ferrari back where they belong, challenging at the front of the grid.”

The flagship 1:5 scale model headlines a varied collection of Ferrari F1-75 models offered by the Bristol UK based company. Models of the multiple race-winning machine are also available at 1:8 and 1:18 scale, alongside a full-size replica of the F1-75 steering wheel and miniature replicas of the car’s nosecone and steering wheel at 1:12 and 1:4 scales respectively. Development of the 1:8 scale model took over 2500 hours, and only concluded once Ferrari themselves were satisfied with the accuracy of the model.

The Ferrari F1-75 is available in six scales from Amalgam Collection

Limited to just 50 pieces per driver (of which the Leclerc edition has already sold out), each subsequent model takes over 250 hours to cast, fit, fettle, paint and assemble. The artisans’ meticulous efforts ensure that every minute detail is accurately captured; the finished pieces measure over 70cm long (28 inches). The 1:18 scale model measures over 27cm long (10 inches) and required over 800 hours of development. The full-size replica steering wheel is limited to just 175 pieces and is an exact reproduction of the one used by the drivers. Every replica features working buttons, switches and paddles, developed using the original CAD data supplied directly by the team.

The miniature steering wheel and nosecone models are handcrafted from precisely engineered parts by small teams of craftspeople across Amalgam’s global workshops. The nosecone measures 18cm (7 inches) wide, took over 500 hours to develop and is removable from its mounting, inspired by the real pit lane/garage storage rack, whereas each 1:4 scale steering wheel measures 7cm (3 inches) wide and required over 450 hours of development. Every F1-75 model built by Amalgam is presented on an acrylic base with a clear dust cover and comes with a certificate of authenticity.  

The Ferrari F1-75 is available in six scales from Amalgam Collection:
1:5 scale 1.12 metres (43 inches) long
1:8 scale 70 cms (27 inches) long
1:18 scale 31 cms (12 inches) long
Full Size Steering Wheel Replica 28 cms (11 inches) wide
1:4 scale Steering Wheel Replica 7cms (3 inches) wide
1:12 Miniature Nosecone 18cms (7 inches) wide

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