TAGA Harmony, a European manufacturer of award-winning speakers and audio electronics, has recently unveiled the first models in the totally new Platinum v.4 series. The Platinum has been always considered as the most important speaker series in the TAGA Harmony premium category.

When crafting the Platinum v.4, TAGA Harmony team was aware of high expectations for the superior sound performance known from its predecessors and of the challenges to incorporate a new, modern looks of the series.

TAGA Harmony believes that because music and sound are all about emotions

The final outcome has exceeded all planned goals and resulted in the stunning sound performance, which, as TAGA Harmony believes, is far beyond the price range of the Platinum v.4 series.

TAGA Harmony has completely redefined the Platinum series, implementing upgrades in all crucial components, which are responsible for the sound and introducing totally new, elegant and modern enclosures.

TAGA Harmony believes that because music and sound are all about emotions and what we feel, when building the Platinum v.4 most efforts were put on intensive listening tests and thorough and precise sound adjustments. The Platinum v.4 sound is characterized by the deep, perfectly controlled and defined bass, smooth and rich midrange and appealing, detailed and crystal clear highs with very open and airy soundstage.“Born in Europe, Crafted for the World” – the slogan message of the series has been redefined!