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The dining table series DS-777 by Bruno Fattorini concentrates on a simple, reduced form.

Swiss manufacture de Sede presents its new products in advance of the IMM Cologne Fair 2018

The manufacture de Sede is celebrating the birth of the new de Sede world this month. Before the official IMM Cologne fair 2018, the leather expert presents the new products for 2018 as part of the in-house organized de Sede Brand Vernissage. The novelties include not only classic seating furniture, also a whole world of living consisting of beds, carpets, tables, chairs and living accessories. For the first time in the history of the furniture manufacture, it is possible to realize whole interior concepts with de Sede. Welcome to the new de Sede World.

Our design team has done a great job within the last months and has turned its creative ideas into a new collection of 20 products. The launches include new interpretations of established, past models as well as completely new product innovations. The entire collection will be presented for the first time at IMM Cologne in January 2018. Beforehand, de Sede unveils a look on selected products: DS-1000 lounger by Ulrich Kössl (CCO of de Sede), sharp dining chairs by Greutmann Bolzern, an unprecedented table collection by Bruno Fattorini, as well as carpets full of character designed by Mischioff.

 Design: The futuristic chaise longue

A suspended chaise longue to lie on. The futuristic layer DS-1000 is a constructive masterpiece and represents a new form of relaxation. Masculine and revolutionary, it invites to a new kind of lying experience: thanks to the intelligent architecture you lie on with a soft, springy feeling as if you were floating. DS-1000 brings a sculptural presence. The design is reflected in a unique tube construction in the head and foot area. Wide, striking leather straps enclose the tubes and carry a thin lying surface. This light, stitched leather mat seems to stretch weightlessly between the head and foot section. As a floating element it contrasts with the robust appearance of the metal tube construction. Knowledge, experience and passion form the basis for the de Sede Design Team under the lead of Ulrich Kössl. Original ideas and drafts are masterfully translated into reality. Familiarity, traditional craftsmanship and modern technologies are just as important as the passion for outranging quality for the natural product leather.

Design: The elegant upholstered chair

Slim, light and of simple elegance: DS-515 presents itself as an unconventional upholstered chair, designed by the design duo Greutmann Bolzern. The refined sub construction, the slender upholstery and the leather workmanship in its highest perfection, give already a hint to the high seating comfort. The young design with straight lines and beautiful details in form of cross leather lacings make DS-515 as a perfect companion at the dining table, in the home office or in the conference room. Where the stylish upholstered chair appears, it impresses with a confident performance. A filigree sledge base made of stainless steel carries the inviting seating area. A thin wire construction on DS-515 functions as a forming frame, over which a leather cover is stretched. The folded, turned-down leather defines the form, masterful leather stitching and sophisticated details as a textile insert in the back area give it a distinctive character. Whether with or without upholstered armrests, DS-515 appeals optically light, of high comfort and with a timeless aesthetic. The upholstered chair can be used in the private as well as in the object sector. With a special cover the chair can also be installed outdoors. The design comes from the design studio Greutmann Bolzern that is managed by Carmen Greutmann-Bolzern and Urs Greutmann. As a team they both lead the design studio in Zurich, and create rooms and furniture, distinguished through its particular clarity of the forms and materials.

 Design: The revolutionary dining table

The dining table series DS-777 by Bruno Fattorini concentrates on a simple, reduced form: four stable corner legs carry the distinctive table top, which can be up to four meters long. The focus lies on the materials giving the table a revolutionary aspect. Italian Designer Bruno Fattorini who gained fame with his Italian furniture company MDF Italia created the design. In 2009, Fattorini founded together with the industrial designer Robert Rizzini the design studio Bruno Fattorini & Partners in Milan. The studio creates designs for international manufacturers. The designs stand for classic and colourless simplicity. “Siamo tornando a far splendere le stelle“, was Bruno Fattorini‘s wish that marked the beginning of the cooperation with de Sede. “ I would like to build a table for you“, was his plan. Thereby, Fattorini didn’t mean a normal table, but rather a table that functions as a canvas where he can play on. For the table series DS-777, Fattorini created for de Sede a new surface. The tables will be officially launched at IMM Cologne 2018, but they can be ordered from October 23rd 2017 at de Sede. Fattorini’s special mixtures of materials enable the transformation of unprecedented products. The material “WHITE MARBLE CARRARA with BRASS” consists of white marble dust from Carrara, which is mixed with brass flakes. The finished material looks like pure marble and for the first time enables the production of a three- to four-meter-long table in a marble look. There are further variants with marble dust in other colours. The material “LAPIS LAZULI with BRASS”, which is also part of the new material collection, consists of brass flakes and lapis lazuli. The latter is known as a precious gemstone and was already used 7,000 years ago as jewellery in architectural works. The new DS-Tables are also available in “IRON” material. In addition, bronze dust can be added to the mix if desired. Furthermore, Bruno Fattorini uses the “OAK” material variant, which is made from old oak trees that are more than 2000 years old. Thanks to the DS-777 series, table lovers with a big mind will be able to freely fulfil their furnishing wishes.

 Design: The beautiful carpet series

The TS-1-9 carpet series perfectly complements the de Sede world: patterns full of character meet high-quality produced carpets. The altogether nine different models are presented in beautiful pattern variations, inspired by the forceful Flower of Life or the impulsive form of a labyrinth. The TS-Carpets were developed in cooperation with the carpet manufacturer Mischioff AG. For three generations Mischioff has played a major role in the international carpet trade. The company’s aim is to create high-quality, artistic carpets that make their own artistic history. In the spring of 2017, the de Sede Design Team and Mischioff AG started developing the carpet collection. The carpet models are made in detailed handwork using pure natural materials (50% Himalayan highland wool and 50% Chinese silk). Those materials in combination with up to 124,000 knots per square metres made by experienced weavers in the Mischioff factories in Nepal to create the carpets. The high quality natural materials and the careful knotting by hand guarantee an excellent quality. The exclusive designs were created by Mischioff’s chief designer Dani Misio. The colour palette of the collection ranges from a grey blue, to a woody green, a subtle off-white, to warm beige. The designer was inspired by the soft shape of the flower of life and the distinctive shape of the labyrinth. The Flower of Life is an important symbol of the manufacture de Sede. As one of the oldest symbols in the world, the Flower of Life appears in almost all cultures of the world and conveys the same function everywhere: to awaken our hidden potential. It also has a harmonizing, organizing effect, as well as providing energy and power – an ideal basis for our own four walls. TS-1-9 is available in the following standard sizes: 300x230cm or 350x250cm. On request, the products are available in customizable sizes.

About swiss furniture designer de Sede

With our unique leather products, we awaken all the senses of people worldwide, turning heads with each creation. Every one of our master craftsmen at our workshop in Klingnau, Switzerland answers to that call. Our roots are our long-standing and deep-seated leather expertise, which allow for stable growth of the stem – our workshop. Driven by continual product innovation and in pursuit of the best, the crown blossoms in ever changing forms — our collection.