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The case back is in black ceramic whereas the screws are in 3N gold. Tanned and burnished by hand, each strap and case are different and unique.

Swiss luxury watches manufacturer HUBLOT launches the Big Bang Bavaria in bronze

It is in Germany, in the mountainous landscapes of Bavaria, that Hublot and Meindl are cultivating tradition in the present … and in the future. In accordance with craftsmanship and age-old materials, the watchmaker and the tanner have fused their expertise to create the Big Bang Bavaria. Cut from bronze, it is strapped onto two robust, hand-embroidered bracelets in deer leather.

“For over 10 years, the Big Bang collection has been confirming that all styles suit it. Denim, linen Pop art, thousand colors… it also emphasises traditions. After its collaboration with the lace of Saint-Gall Bischoff, Hublot has partnered with Meindl to create the Big Bang Bavaria. This new piece is cut from an ancient metal—bronze, a metal that Hublot has loaded with tin and burnished—and its bracelet made from tanned hide, shaped and embroidered using age- old techniques. This watch has a rich history which naturally ensures its place in the future. Tradition and innovation has fused to celebrate Bavarian alpine art.” Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot.

The luxury watch Big Bang by Hublot ist made out of bronze

For the first time, Hublot has cut its Big Bang case out of bronze, a material created in 3000 BC that has the advantages of non-magnetism, resistance to corrosion and a unique appearance. While it is not stainless, bronze is covered with a natural patina that protects it and gives it an unparalleled finish. The case back is in black ceramic whereas the screws are in 3N gold. Tanned and burnished by hand, each strap and case are different and unique. Time will add distinction and character to the Big Bang Bavaria. Just like leather, the Hublot bronze, with its yellow pink tones, becomes enhanced over time.

Centuries of expertise and tradition lie behind the Big Bang Bavaria strap. Firstly, the craftsmanship of a family that has been passing down its passion for leather from father to son since 1683. The Big Bang Bavaria strap is reminiscent of the “Lederhosen”, the short leather breeches that originated in Bavaria and have been the traditional clothing of the mountain people since the 18th century. Just like the garment from which the strap draws inspiration, it is cut in deer leather and hand-embroidered with a pattern only possible to create on deer leather. Traditional sewing gives a 3D effect to the leather tanned using the Meindl tradition.

Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Hublot and german leather refiner Meindl have created a unique luxurious Big Bang model

“The differences between state-of-the-art technique and authentic, living craftsmanship, and also those between the city and the mountain, are what embody everything that fascinates modern individuals and that inspires me to create our MEINDL products. I am delighted to have found partner in Hublot, one that shares our passion and our love of design, products and craftsmanship; we have created a product that brings together our two universes flawlessly!” Markus Meindl, CEO of Meindl.

It takes 3 to 4 months to tan the hide using an age-old technique. The hides are salted then plunged into a limestone-based liquid before being washed, then treated by hand with cod-liver oil and dried. The last two steps are repeated several times until the leather is entirely soaked with the oil. The hide is left to dry in the sun to develop a light brown colour. To bring out the velvet character of the leather is then rubber with sandpaper. Meindl then applies and brushes the leather with several tropical wood bark colorants, a procedure repeated up to 5 times. The products used are all without preservatives or chemicals to respect nature.

Delivered with two “One Click” straps, the Big Bang Bavaria easily changes its look thanks to its patented attachment system. There’s a version with a cuff in natural light brown deer leather, enhanced by two leather tabs embroidered with a deer head. The second version comes in “altsalzburg” (black-brown)- coloured deer leather, embroidered with oak leaves. The Big Bang Bavaria beats to the rhythm of Unico, the Hublot manufacture movement, with 330 components for a 72-hour power reserve—a self-winding bidirectional movement with a flyback chronograph and a column wheel on the side of the dial.

Meindl— At the heart of tradition since 1683

To our family, real buckskin has always represented more than just a simple material. We have been relentlessly working for many decades on its traditional production. Hannes, my father, supported by his brother Alfons and, of course, by Lukas Meindl, my grandfather, paid great attention to the care and protection of this quite unique material. More than ever, then, this leather deserves confidence and respect. For several centuries, it has proven to be simultaneously precious, reliable and extremely emotional. Today, there are only a tiny handful of specialists capable of understanding the ancestral art of manufacturing and treating this high-end leather. We have been working in close collaboration and exclusively with our tanneries for several generations. We are thus able to guarantee a constant quality that has been raised to the very highest level, in both technical and ecological terms. Our products are synonymous with sustainable development. They will not fail to fully satisfy you, nor the generations to come as well. Not all the products of our turbulent times, in which everything moves at breath-taking pace, can be said to purport to these values. This is why I want to share with you our passion for leather and for the unique articles that we create for you.