SSPS® Apartment by sieger design: city flat with spa

In major cities around the world, living space is becoming increasingly scarce and the price per square metre is continually rising. People want to enjoy the advantages of the city, without compromising personal comfort. In this intelligent solution SSPS® Apartment by sieger design, private bathrooms satisfy every desire for health-promoting spas. It is based on the award-winning SSPS® concept, which has been further developed in 2018 for the most minimal of space within a holistically planned 35sqm apartment.

Enhanced quality of life in the most minimal of living space
The own four walls serve as a place of peace and comfort, which we need for our well-being in times of rising everyday stress and that we seek out particularly in hectic environments. At the heart of the SSPS® Apartment concept is the support of rejuvenating treatments in a 3.5sqm washing and showering area, enabling people to actively remain healthy and promote good health.

The open-room structure features a bath behind a translucent glass barrier which lets in daylight from the living area. Upon entering the dry zone with its generous washstand, the swinging door closes off the showering area, yet it can also be opened wider to comfortably move into the wet zone, featuring diverse spa functions. In addition to the Vertical Shower and the rain panel integrated into the ceiling, special massage jets stimulate various parts of the body. Additional electronically controlled water outlets are an invitation to enjoy the automated sequence showers while sitting or to benefit from invigorating leg showers. While the bathroom is occupied or during the spa treatments, the separate guest toilet (1.3sqm) can be used at any time by others.

The living/sleeping area likewise guarantees an efficient use of space thanks to intelligent room architecture and fittings. A one-piece shelving unit offers a plethora of storage space from floor to ceiling: for a wardrobe and other personal items. The compact kitchen – with ideally positioned appliances in a space of 7sqm – also provides plenty of room for cooking, doing the dishes and the laundry.

The SSPS® Apartment is a further development of the SSPS® concept. This can be adapted not just for private flats, but also for hotels or even yachts. Functions, materials, finishes and colours can be selected according to individual needs and stylistic preferences. Products from Alape, Dornbracht and Duravit, amongst others, were used for the visualisation of the SSPS® Apartment concept.

sieger design SSPS® Apartment
sieger design SSPS® Apartment
sieger design SSPS® Apartment