Roman adornment connected to the Medusa appears within this architectural dome, with mosaics radiating around the epic face of the sea gods’ daughter. The pattern extends over several layers that cover the LED source, reflecting the light through a delicate play of colours and transparencies. The production process unites the latest technology with artisan techniques, marrying the past and the present, and making every piece unique. Dome is available in two sizes and a myriad of chromatic shades.

“Light is able to directly intervene on a person’s mood, suggesting a certain state of mind, creating inspiration and influencing desires. This is the most rewarding thing about our work; we emotionally involve people. During our London stay, we learned how to use contamination amongst diverse art forms. Thanks to that experience, we find inspiration in everyday objects, joining aesthetic value and artisan practices together through a new, original visual language. Working with light is different than working with other elements: light is something that we cannot touch, and technology is making once essential aspects, like the switch, unnecessary, leaving room for new ways in which we can interact with light…”

The designers have yet collaborated with luxury fashion brands

After meeting one another at the Royal College of Art, designer Andrea Mancuso and architect Emilia Serra formed Analogia Project in London in 2011. Their goal is to experiment with new visual vocabularies through narrative projects that involve the onlooker’s imagination. The studio seeks to concentrate on our relationship with surrounding objects, filled with memories and history. Every project is the chance to find new practices through experimental methodology, and diffuse digital processes and Italian artisanal expertise. They were present for some of the most important design fairs in Europe, and have collaborated with luxury fashion brands including Bulgari, Fendi and Hermes. Their work is recognized worldwide.

light led design designer unique piece

Dome by Slamp is available in two sizes and a myriad of chromatic shades.