Life is beautiful on-board a Benetti super yacht!

SeaNet – the smart and hassle-free way to own a super yacht

Cruising around the Mediterranean, exploring new destinations and revelling in the privacy and flexibility of life at sea … being on board a super yacht with family and friends is an unforgettable experience. 

Although, buying for example a new Benetti Delfino 95 will cost around € 10.000.000 if you include VAT, tender, luxury day boat, owners supply etc. Once running costs are incurred for maintenance, crew, mooring fees, insurance, winter storage and the overall management costs, expenses increase to approximately € 600.000 per year. Nevertheless over 95% of yacht owners use their boat for just 4-5 weeks per year despite these excessive initial purchasing costs and management fees. 

Don’t dream it ….

SeaNet – the perfect solution

SeaNet is a smart concept which enables a maximum of 4 co-owners to purchase a luxury super yacht. The co-owners can choose 25%, 33%, 50% or 75% ownership. Also, the annual running costs are divided between these owners – ensuring a vastly reduced yearly fee. The co-owners are allowed to spend 7, 8, 14 or 21 carefree and memorable weeks on board their yacht each year. These weeks are spread over the European cruising season which runs from April through to October. The yachts are moored in five locations across Europe: Croatia (Split), Montenegro (Tivat), Italy (Sardinia), France (Côte d‘Azur), Spain (Mallorca). 

Relax and unwind!

Thanks to the exclusive partnership with Benetti, SeaNet can provide the luxury elegance and Italian design of a Benetti yacht – an excellent combination of traditional building techniques, innovative design and revolutionary technology. Additionally, SeaNet fully personalise every yacht before the owner steps on-board, with favourite linens, glassware, art and family photographs etc. SeaNet is employed as the management company to take care of every element and a monthly rotational crew ensures that all co-owners enjoy the very best service.

Welcome aboard!

The SeaNet structure enables co-owners to exchange a week on-board for a different yacht, as it’s global presence provides access to a growing fleet of yachts in the elite yachting destinations throughout the Bahamas, Caribbean, Mediterranean, and United States. A combination of private and commercial use of a yacht is a great way to optimise investment. SeaNet therefore offers a charter management programme which allows co-owners to charter their yacht when it’s not in use.

Benetti super yacht

SeaNet’s unique co-ownership programme ensures that owning a yacht is a responsible investment and offers co-owners yacht ownership with complete peace of mind as they handle all elements of management.