This beautiful Azimut Grande 35 METRE yacht will be seaworthy by the end of May 2019 and can be purchased for 3.500.000 Euro (25 percent Co-Ownership with SeaNet).


Superyachts possess a great fascination that hardly anyone can resist. They line the glamorous, iconic ports of the Mediterranean and have become a symbol of luxurious elegance. For many, owning a superyacht is the ultimate dream, to be realised and then shared with friends and family. However, even for the most wealthy, buying and owning a luxury yacht can often prove a complicated and expensive process.

With SeaNet owning a yacht is effortless, hassle-free and much more affordable than expected. In many ways SeaNet is similar to NetJets, enabling owners to enjoy a luxury super yacht through an unique custom co-ownership model. SeaNet’s global partnership with Italian Azimut-Benetti Group ensures the finest yachts are available ranging from 27 to 41 metres. Ultimately, it’s is possible and extremely feasible for several owners to share a Superyacht and with that the immense acquisition and operating costs.

SeaNet CEO Matty Zadnikar on board his Benetti Delfino 93′

The fantastic all-round service of SeaNet Management

SeaNet CEO Matty Zadnikar – a Belgian entrepreneur and owner of a Benetti Delfino 93′ – and his team take care of everything from A to Z – according to the motto FROM AN OWNER TO AN OWNER. The support and expert owner advise starts with the purchase of the yacht, i.e. with the selection, the elaboration of the sales contract, the complex construction supervision up to the registration. Then the boat is insured, VAT is paid, the berth is booked, the crew is hired, maintenance is organised and so much more. For the owners there is only one wonderful task: they have to arrive … and as soon as they are on board, their yachting journey begins.

Before the co-owners enter the yacht, it is personalized according to their individual wishes and equipped, for example, with their chosen items such as bed linen, tableware, photos, favorite wines and many other personal items. The crew – consisting of captain, board engineer, steward and cook – also provide excellent 5-star service to ensure that every moment on-board is perfection.

Top offer: Azimut Grande 35 METRI

If you would like to join the SeaNet fleet and to step on board your new yacht this summer, SeaNet offers various options. At the end of May 2019, for example, the sensational 35-meter Azimut Grande will be launched and there is still the possibility of purchasing 25 percent in this luxury yacht with guaranteed cruising for seven weeks a year across the Mediterranean – for 3,500,000 Euros.

This sleek widebody super yacht is a masterpiece of style and elegance. It was designed by the well-known yacht designer Stefano Righini. The chic interior design is the work of the renowned designer Achille Salvagni Architetti and more than 1,750,000 Euros were invested in the high-quality equipment of this Azimut Grande 35 METRI. The yacht features an elegant suite for the owners and four spacious cabins for a further eight passengers. The crew of six lives in four cabins. In a side garage there is a Williams Diesel Jet Tender for exploration trips and to bring the passengers comfortably to the shore. The yacht is equipped with the latest diving and water sports equipment so that the owners and their guests can make the most of their time on the water.