Benetti 93
With Seanet the ownership of a super yacht becomes pure pleasure!

SeaNet makes it possible: „upgrade“ to a 30 meter yacht at the price of a 15 meter yacht

The concept of co-owning has entered the European world of yachting. More and more yacht owners are realizing that whilst their yacht brings them great pleasure, they only spend few weeks on board … and their beloved boat actually devours money. The solution: to have an elegant yacht with a maximum of three other owners and hand over the entire management to the competent hands of SeaNet!

CEO Matty Zadnikar introduced the SeaNet co-ownership model with Benetti yachts at boot Duesseldorf 2018.

SeanNet is conquering Europe

In 2011, Belgian Matty Zadnikar sold his international company Z-Safety Services and took a break. He fulfilled his dream of owning a super yacht and spent a wonderful season on the Mediterranean. But he was also confronted with all the problems that come with yacht ownership and collected plenty of experience: from the employment of the crew, the berth in the harbour, the maintenance and wintering of the yacht to taxes and insurance. Despite his enjoyment, the management of the yacht turned out to be a big challenge. Matty also realized that many yachts often lie idle in the harbour for many weeks. Why not share these beautiful luxury yachts with likeminded people and share the immense costs?

Benetti Delfino 93'
Matty Zadnikar on his Benetti yacht.

Co-ownership is already a well established concept in the USA. Zadnikar therefore decided to invest 50 percent in the US company of SeaNet and to introduce this concept in Europe. As a cooperation partner, he chose the renowned Italian yacht builder Benetti – the Bentley of the yachting world. SeaNet deliberately focuses on yachts between 30 to 40 meters designed for 10 to 12 guests and a crew of four.

Up to four owners can share a yacht and enjoy at least seven weeks a year with family and friends on board. Of course, care is taken to ensure that the time spent on the boat is fairly distributed and that every co-owner can cruise the Mediterranean during the peak and off-peak season. Very important: before the owners step foot on their yacht, it will be personalized according to their wishes and decorated with chosen bed linen, dishes, photos and many other personal items. The crew – consisting of captain, engineer, steward and cook – also provides a sensational 5-star service.

Anchoring in picturesque bays or in glamorous harbours.

The SeaNet management

All co-owners receive a notarized property certificate. SeaNet acts exclusively as a management company and takes care of the entire management process. The boat is insured for three years instead of just one year, the VAT is paid, the crew is briefed, the maintenance is organized and in winter the yacht comes to a dry dock. The owners have only one task: they have to arrive … And once they are on board, the fun begins! Yachting lifestyle at its best!  

Pure luxury on board … and of course an excellent 5-star service.